Hannah Finnegan

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I am an experienced actor, reader, and teacher! I will let you be the guide and give you as much or as little feedback as you would like. I'm excited to use this platform as a way to help support other actors, share my knowledge, and gain knowledge from actors all across the globe.

If my beacon's on, I'd love to connect. If I'm not currently available or you'd like to schedule a specific time, feel free to message me on IG (hannfinny) or email me at hfinnegan10@gmail.com.

I'd love to meet you and help you land your next role!

Venmo preferred, as PayPal takes out fees: @hannfinny

Hannah Finnegan has appeared in several film productions including Sparrow Street, What We Don’t See, and Expiation, just to name a few. Hannah studied Dance at Colorado State University, graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Dance. Upon graduation, Hannah danced professionally but then gravitated towards acting when she suffered a complex injury. Her favorite part of dance was always telling a story so the transition into acting felt natural. A native of St. Louis, Hannah now lives in Denver, CO, where she takes regular classes at Babcock Studios. Hannah has also trained in LA with Margie Haber Studios and in Atlanta with Get Scene Studios. Hannah's dream is to tell important stories that bring understanding and awareness to real-life problems, and she believes the arts have the unique ability to change lives.

Commercial/Theatrical: Wilhelmina Denver Cassie Keefe - Cassie@wilhelminadenver.com

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" Amazing. "
" Great reader, present and giving. "
" Hannah was awesome to work with! She was really into the scene, took what I gave her, and responded beautifully "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Hannah is amazing, really connected and engaged! "
" Perfect read! Really great voice! Thanks Hannah! "
" Great as always!!! "
" Great reader! Book!!! "
" Amazing to work with! Thanks fo another awesome session Hannah! "
" Fun!! Thank you! "
" Super helpful and great reflection/ notes. "
" Amazing reader! Patient, insightful, present! "
" Hannah's really great! She was so helpful as a reader and helped me elevate my scenes. BOOK her! "
" Very friendly "
" Hannah is a very good reader. She is like a seasoned pro! "
" Hannah was super sweet and patient with me and helped me do some accent work, thank you!!! "
" Thank you Hannah!! Awesome reader!! "
" She's so awesome. patient reader, great energy. "
" Great reader, and extremly nice "
" Great reader, listener, and helpful feedback "
" Hannah is an incredible reader! She handled really wordy reader sides with no problem, was really fun and professional and made me feel very comfortable and prepared for my audition. Highly recommend! "
" Hannah is a great reader! She is fast and gave super helpful feedback. "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
Film Lead
2023 [added]
Dream Lover
Silent Film Lead
2022 [IMDB]
2022 [added]
The Detective
Film Lead
2022 [added]
Get John
Film Lead
2022 [added]
What We Don't See
Film Supporting
2022 [added]
Video Entry #404
Film Supporting
2021 [added]
Film Lead
2021 [added]
Sparrow Street
Film Supporting