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I am from the East Coast living in LA now. I was in NYC for 11 years before making the switch.

I am from the East Coast living in LA now.


132 Reader Reviews

" Fantastic reader! and able to cater to my needs. book george! "
" George is da man! Thanks for the direction! "
" Super helpful. Focused and ready to get straight to it. Thank you! "
" Excellent reader. Very high energy scene and George really brought it! Gave me everything I needed for a solid audition. Thank you George! "
" Thanks, George! "
" George was great. Real easy to work with and definitely would work with him again. Thanks "
" Great reader ! "
" He was so personable and willing to work through the sides as I needed. Awesome Reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Great session!! So helpful and really fun suggestions! "
" Great energy! Thank you! "
" George was excellent. Phenomenal reader!! "
" GREAT reader! Gave me a brilliant idea that totally took the scene to the next level for my commercial audition! Thank you :) "
" So cool and helpful! GREAT READER "
" Lovely reader and great energy! Thanks George! "
" Great reader. Thank you! "
" George was great! Very animated and made me feel comfortable during my audition. Thanks again!! "
" Great reader and great guy! Had good suggestions! "
" Love working with George!! Amazing energy and great notes when I asked for input. Definitely will book again! "
" George is great! "
" Loved working with George!! "
" Fantastic reader!! "
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" Super solid reader and dude who gave it every single take. Thanks, George!! "
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" Great reader, fun! "
" Quick and efficient! Thank you so much!! "
" Really lovely and helpful! Thank you for great tips a pleasure to work with "
" Great reader! George is professional and fun to collaborate with on a scene. He matched his energy to the scene and character so well. Thanks! "
" Awesome reader!! 5 stars! "
" Fantastic reader! Thanks for your help! "
" Very helpful! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reading with George! Great energy and effort and feedback! "
" George was great to read with! Got my scenes done very quickly! "
" So good! Has great energy and catches on to the tone quickly. "
" Such a great reader! Very professional and collaborative "
" Such a great reader!! Thank you! Hope to work together again!! "
" Book him! "
" He is Great!! "
" George was super patient and helpful, great reader! "
" George was great! Friendly and supportive and got what I needed from the session "
" Thanks for your help with my self tape, George. Appreciate it! "
" George is generous and open to trying different things. Thank you George! "
" Fantastic reader!! Sometimes readers can have trouble when they have to play multiple roles and it sounds all like one long speech from one person but George NAILED IT!!! You're a killer cold reader George!! "
" Really awesome, chill and easy to read with. Great notes and super encouraging! Thank you George! "
" Great and awesome. Has a great eye! "
" Great! "
" George was awesome! Great reader! "
" George was a great reader! "
" George is a wonderful reader. Super patient and kind. Thanks for your help today! "
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" Simply amazing! He gave me some great notes and he genuinely wants to help! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Really appreciated everything he had to offer. He was a gem. "
" Fantastic, lovely, sensitive reader - really connected with the characters even while I was just aiming to run lines. Gave me new ideas and things to develop for the scenes. So grateful for your help, George! "
" George is awesome , friendly , and patient. "
" George was great! Helpful tips and awesome actor. I look forward to working with him again. Thanks, George! "
" Anyone would be lucky to have him. Great advice Excellent read! "
" Fab! "
" George has lovely vocal quality! Was helpful and fun. "
" Great! "
" Excellent! "
" Super nice guy! Very helpful. "
" He was great!! "
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" Great reader! lots of patience. good ideas "
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" Super nice and very good reader! thank you so much! "
" Great Reader, Appreciate you bro!!! "
" Very fun and patient with me! Thank you so much!!! "
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" Amazing reader! Was able to jump right in, did great and was super cool to work with. Thanks so much George! "
" Thanks so much for being so interactive throughout my scenes, George! "
" Wonderful and fun! :) "
" Thank you so much! So helpful "
" The best! He catches on to the story quickly, offers great energy and brings fun ways to work on the script. "
" Excellent "
" Always the best! Great reader. Thank you sir A+ "
" George was so patient and was GREAT to bounce ideas off of. He helped me get two different GREAT takes! Thank you George! "
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" Great reader! Super Supportive! "
" George is always so great to read with. Awesome cold reader! A+ Thank you sir "
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" George is such an awesome scene partner!! He has a calm and very giving energy. Definitley work with him!!! "
" Had so much fun reading with George! Good energy and suggestions. "
" Amazing Help Brother!!! Thanks a Lot!!! "
" George is so kind and really fun to work with! "
" Awesome reader, super friendly and helpful! "
" George was an amazing scene partner. He jumped right in and gave me some great feedback and different things to consider. I'll definitely work with him again!! "
" Super helpful, really friendly dude :) "
" George was super chill and threw in some great tips. would def work with him again! "
" George had the essence that I needed for my scene, he's such a supportive reader and I appreciate that! Thank you! "
" What an open and playful actor who gives so much energy to your scene. George is superb! "
" Excellent! Amazing reader! "
" Excellent! "
" George is awesome! He helped me with a comedy scene for class with some crazy ideas that really helped loosen me up! "
" George is amazing! Such a good reader, really recommend him "
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" He gave insight as if he knew the play "
" Wonderful reader!! Gives great feedback to bring extra energy to scene :) "
" George was a great reader. He is awesome at cold reads! "
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" Great scene partner! Observant, plays along with you, highly recommend. "
" Very patient reader! helped me a lot too. Thank you! "
" Great vibes! Wonderful reader. Lots of fun! "
" George really took the time to find the fine points in the scene when I wasn't given much context. Thank you for working so hard with me. "
" George is awesome! So chill, and easy to talk to. Met me where I was energy wise, and helped me get the take I needed. BOOK HIM! "
" Excellent, helpful, fun reader "
" Very kind and helpful! "
" George is a great reader! sp good with script analysis. Thank you sir! "
" George was a great reader and also amazing at giving direction and script analysis notes re: context clues, etc. Turns out we have both studied at the same acting studio in LA so we had a shared language to pull inspiration from that training - mainly in defining the wants, needs, relationships and 'sources' of emotion in the scene. He also had the wisdom to have me do the scene several different ways to get a variety of takes to choose from. Highly recommend working with George! "
" Really great reader, thanks for an amazing take "
" Great reader! "
" Really encouraging. Helped me decipher a troublesome side. "
" George is supportive, insightful, generous with time, and an excellent reader. "
" Lovely working with George. Super thoughtful and easy to work with. "
" Great reader, easygoing, and great notes! Thank you!!! "
" Very kind person and extremely helpful "
" Awesome reader, super fun! "
" Willing to adjust reading pace and give dynamic variations. "

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