Gabriel Syfer

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Gabriel is an actor, writer & director. He graduated with Honors and Bachelor from drama school. He is known for his performances in Theatre in Pains of Youth, 13 clocks, Extremeties , Fission and several others. He has appeared in films and in TV. He has directed two plays on Stage and he is the author of Dive into Acting for Beginners found in Amazon. He is Equity and Spotlight member.

Hey guys! I m originally from Greece and based in London. I've been a professional actor for almost ten years. I graduated from my drama school with Honors and since then and even before my graduation, I have been acting on stage and on screen with leading roles on most occasions.
I have done many workshops and Masterclasses with directors, acting coaches, and casting directors in Greece and in London, developing and honing my craft.

I have co-founded with my wife the Three Acts World Productions where we provide showreel services, headshots and 121 coaching .

Additionally, a passion of mine is to write screenplays and theatre plays.
I really enjoy reading along with other actors, coaching them for auditions, help them with their projects. We all learn and develop by helping each other and working collectively.

I guarantee you that, in any case, you will get the best of me with full energy and positivity.

I can help you with:
- Break down
- Flesh out scenes
- Run lines
- Work on the depth of the Character
- Rehearse and coach a scene
- Work on a scene with different techniques for practice
-Audition tape technique
-Basic steps in screenwriting

In whatever way I can be helpful for you, it gives me genuine pleasure to meet other actors and collaborate. So I look forward to meeting you all!

If I m not online please feel free to drop me DM on my Instagram below so we can arrange something out.


My name is Gabriel Syfer,
I was born in Greece and I am based in London. I've been a professional actor for almost ten years. I graduated from my drama school with commendation and since then and even before my graduation I have been acting on stage and screen. I have produced and directed Theatre and also short movies.
In addition, a passion of mine is to write screenplays. I have done many workshops and Masterclasses with directors, acting coaches, and casting directors in Greece and London. I’ve had the opportunity to play a variety of parts, including dramatic, comedic, and romantic leads across many genres. I enjoy the versatility that acting can offer and I like the challenge of switching from one type of role to another.

While I’ve had vast experience in the past, it’s time to take that to a larger community with bigger projects.

I d be glad to be considered for an audition.

Thanks so much in advance



31 Reader Reviews

" Gabriel 's so invested in the material with nuanced suggestions. Thank you. "
" Gabriel is a lovely and generous reader who wants to do everything he can to help you nail your audition. He gives very helpful feedback, is super patient, and overall a great reader to have. 10/10! "
" Great and fun reader! "
" Super helpful! "
" OMG, so wonderful! Such an amazing fun reader! Definitely recommend and use again for my reads! Thank you so much for an amazing job!! You're the best!!!!! "
" Gabriel is wonderful! Great reader and very encouraging. Thank you, G! "
" GREAT!!!!! "
" Gabriel was pleasant and helpful and I appreciate his focus "
" Awesome READER & Actor! He understands how to thoroughly breakdown the sides as well as how to make interesting choices. "
" Really great to work with. Super down to help you and give you space to get where you want to go... and even more! "
" Great reader! "
" 10/10 would recommend booking with Gabriel! An experienced and wonderful reader! "
" Great reader. Very responsive and supportive "
" HOLY WOW!!!! If you wanna feel like you have the director there in the room with you helping bring out the best in yourself, book Gabriel!!! What a fantastic reader/coach/human being. THANK YOU GABRIEL!!! "
" Super helpful suggestions! "
" Was ready right away gave a very good clear read and was a great partner! "
" Gabriel is a wonderful reader, and will give amazing redirects if you want some input. Great energy and fun to work with. "
" Wonderful, wonderful working with Gabriel! He gave me so much confidence and insight into my scene. I'm a better actor after these 30 minutes :) Thank you Gabriel! "
" Great reader with good ideas "
" Gabriel is so awesome and such a great scene partner! Love reading with him! "
" Oh my gosh Gabriel! He is the most insightful reader and kind and smart I've ever had the pleasure to work with. And he truly wants what's best for you. THANK YOU! "
" Great reader, patient and helpful and smart. "
" Gabriel was amazing to work with. Not only did he help me break down the script and find the essence of the character, he also had a great tips and advice how to make the most out of my takes and loosen up a bit. Highly recommend working with him. "
" He's is super great and so encouraging and patient! Will be reading with him again! "
" Very fun and engaging reader with great instincts and ideas for tape. "
" Nice read. "
" Gabriel was a tremendous help to lifting the life off the pages and reader. Very patient and gave very helpful advice and coaching. I also just genuinely enjoyed his energy! Thank you!! "
" Excellent reader! And great to talk through character and script with! Thank you Gabriel! "
" Great reader and gave great direction "

Credits Include

Stage -Lead Ro Fred
Feature Film Aris
Family Stories
Television- Le Eddie
Short film Broody
Stage -Lead Ro Danny
Stage -Lead Ro Head of Administration
Stage -Lead Ro Mark
Stage -Lead Ro PETER
Stage -Lead Ro Chris
Stage -Lead Ro Achilles
Stage -Lead Ro Zorn
Mr. Wilson