Fedorah Philippeaux

Hello, I am a Haitian-Belgian-American actress and singer based in Prague. I am a current member of the Prague Shakespeare Company and the Bear Educational Theatre. I have over 10 years' experience in Stage, Musical Theatre and Film combined.

With my ability to read in Spanish, French, English or Dutch I am happy to assist you in preparing for or recording your next audition. Let's work together to get you that next big role!

Wishing you luck and light,

Fedorah is a Haitian-American singer, actress, poet and dancer. Her acting career began with her passion for music. From an early age she was trained in voice and violin until her high school years when she became exposed to the world of musical theatre. From then on she has appeared on stages in the UK, China, France, Czech Republic and the US - as a singer, performer and dance choreographer. Her musical journey took her to France where she transitioned from musicals to stage acting under the direction of Star Academie Acting Coach - Oscar Sisto. Performing in both French and English, Fedorah has since appeared in stage plays in both France and Czech Republic including Kaléidoscope, Moscow Circles, Sartre's Huis Clos (No Exit), and Midsummer Night's Dream as Hermia. She has also co-founded the local acting group STA Prague in which she writes, directs and acts in her own short films. As a singer and actress her work can be seen in Coldhearts: A Poetical, Some Other Paris (Official selection of Ethnografilm 2020) and short film Ambrosia, currently out on Amazon Prime.

Demon of Midday - Supporting Lead - 2022 (in production)
Ambrosia - Supporting Lead - 2022 (in production)
Half-Cast - Indie/Leading Role - 2022
Last Light - Featured Extra - 2022
Army of the Dead...Meanwhile in Germany - Extra - 2020
Some Other Paris - Documentary/2020 Ethnografilm Official Selection
Coldhearts: A Poetical - Indie/Supporting Role - 2019
Wise Up - Indie/Leading Role - 2020
Four Little Women - Student Film/Leading Role - 2020
When Harry Hung out With Sally - Indie/Leading Role - 2020
A Merry Brixmas - Indie/Extra - 2020

Short Films:
Sofia parts 1-3 - Main role - 2021
STA Christmas - Main Role - 2020
Lillie’s Monologue - Lillie - 2020
The Interrogation - Main Role - 2020
Beth’s Story Part 3 - Sofia - 2021

Stage Plays:
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Maggie - 2022 (in production)
The Crucible - Tituba - 2021 (Divadlo Na Pradle)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream with PSC - Hermia - 2021 (Divadlo Bez Zabradli)
Revolutionists - Marianne Angelle - 2021 (Divadlo Na Pradle)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream with PSC - Hermia - 2021 (Prague Castle)
Moscow to Petushki - Toothless Cunt/Ginger Bitch - 2020
A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Prague Shakespeare Company - Hermia - 2020
The Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov - Natalya Stepanovna - 2021
In Search of Love - Ndew - 2020
No Exit - Estelle - 2020
Eurostar - Main Character - 2020
France - Opera Singer - 2020
France - Agatha Christie Murder - 2019

Linet - 2022
Stellantis/Training Spirit - 2022
Meta - 2022

Musicals I’ve Participated in:
Dreamgirls Lead as Effie
Chicago as Roxie / Velma
Six: The Musical as Ann Boleyn
Pippin as Leading Singer
Wicked in Ensemble
Les Miserables in Ensemble
Rent in Ensemble
Lion King in Ensemble
Hercules in Ensemble
Jekyll and Hyde as Upper Class Woman
High School Musical as main dancer
Amistad as Choreographer
Hairspray as Ensemble

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
Last Light
TV Mini Series
2022 [IMDB]
2022 [IMDB]
The Demon of Midday