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I would LOVE to read with you :) It's always an exciting learning opportunity to be exploring these stories along side you, even if it's just to help you learn your lines! Whatever you need, I got you!

I've trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre & film in NYC & the Margie Haber studios & am of course always training!

I'm also a musician, singer and songwriter so I'm always more than happy to talk music or acting!!! Literally anytime!!

Hi!! My name's Esheka (eh-shih-kuh) :)

I'm an actress, musician, singer & songwriter. Since quarantine started I've upped my reading portfolio... a lot. A lot of plays and novels and have (thank god) found some I really really enjoy. I'm currently on "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. I also love languages!! I've been teaching myself sign language and re-visiting French! I'm a huge fan of architecture and music... Music and acting are two of my biggest loves in life. Some of my favorite artists are Lauryn Hill, Fleetwood Mac, Miguel, Khurangbin and Brent Faiyaz :) I've been into a lot of Spanish & French music since quarantine too!!

I've trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre & film in NYC, the Margie Haber Studios and am of course, always studying :) I'm currently working with Suzanne DiDonna, a teacher at Strasberg, in character workshops, and that's been super exciting.

Hi! My name's Esheka, I'm based in NYC. Contact: IG: @eeshekaa
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