Emilie Doering

Hi! I'm an LA-based, SAG/AFTRA actress who actually really enjoys being an audition reader (virtually or live) and believes the better I can help you rock your audition, the better actor karma for me, too XD

I am trained in the Meisner Technique, short form improv (Groundlings, LA Connection Comedy Club), classical & legit theater, musical theater, and opera. I'm comfortable with accents (British RP, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, Polish, Transatlantic, etc) and speak both Spanish/German conversationally (though not fluently). Possibly also Armenian with a quick brush-up! My mother was a writer, so if you're looking to talk script breakdown and analysis, I am happy to work with you! I used to teach/coach young actors in a variety of styles and techniques, so if you'd like someone to bounce ideas off of, I'm happy to do that, too! And, previously, I have been an in-person audition reader for a variety of theaters, including the Geffen Playhouse in LA.

Let me know however you prefer to work, I'm just happy to help!

IG - @emiliedoering
TikTok - @emiliedoering
Email - doering.emilie@gmail.com

Hi! I'm an LA-based, SAG/AFTRA actress (EMC, eligible to join AEA).

Training: Meisner (Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio), Short-form improv (LA Connection Comedy Club), commercial (Killian's Workshop, Good Faith Casting workshop), session singer (Tim Davis's Workshop), and voice training (Marian Bodnar, Anne Elgar Kopta, Linda Spevacek).

Other things I do: Body surfing, baking, singing, composing, recording / self-producing music, weight-lifting, dancing (modern, tap, etc), learning new languages, reading, yoga, computer coding, crocheting / knitting / sewing, roller blading, jogging / running, video editing, teaching / coaching, substitute teaching, bookkeeping, activism...

Theatrical: Joy Dewing & Roxanne Clark with ATB Talent ( joy.dewing@atbtalent.com & roxanne.clark@atbtalent.com) Commercial: Ruby Martin with Media Artists Group (ruby@mediaartistsgroup.com) Stage:

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Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
The Tragedy of Jimmy Jimmy Kates
2015 [IMDB]
Simply Three: Photograph (cello/bass/violin cover)
Video short