Ella Heywood

Hello my name is Ella Heywood, I am a professional actor with sixteen years of experience in TV, film, stage and improvisation. I am passionate about my craft because I feel it brings us closer to understanding the human experience, as well as connecting the actors with the audience.

I was drawn to becoming a reader because of how collaborative the process is. As an actor I love how the job brings so many new experiences to meet a wide variety of people. In this position it is my main aim to support the other actor I'm working with and bring the best out of their performance.

I look forward to working with We Audition and the actors I am yet to meet!

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Ella Heywood! I have been working professionally as an actor for three years, I also have sixteen years worth of experience in film, TV, stage and improvisation

I can portray a wide range of female characters, ageing from late teens - mid-twenties. Types that I have played in the past have included; a mean schoolgirl, independent single mum, a haunted killer and a stuck-up social climber. Character types that I could be considered for range from; the girl-next-door, bewitching ingenue, femme fatale and kooky heroine. Along with my skills to commit and inhabit any character that I play, I can quickly learn lines and constructively take direction.

I recently starred in a comedic short film called 'Oxtail' where I play the character Lisa. The film with be available to view on Amazon Prime soon.


Credits Include

2021 [added]
Short Film Lisa
2020 [added]
Just A Minute
Play Chelsea Girl
2017 [added]
Exist Without Anyone Knowing
Short Film Zelda
2015 [added]
Osama The Hero
Play Louise
2014 [added]
A Midsummer's Night Dream
Play Egeus
2012 [added]
Stepping Up
TV Series Serena Hansen