Ella Anderson

upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 25.00

The first 15ish minutes are free, or if you'd prefer to tip or pay through Venmo, you can select that option. If you have a longer piece to work on, please select the 30 min or 60 min option. But if you know me from class or something, feel free to say hi! I'm here to connect :)

I'm an actor and filmmaker in Seattle, WA. I have experience in filmmaking process from every aspect, having worked as everything from a writer to director. I got my start in filmmaking my writing, directing, producing, and starring in a short film called Jessie's Theory, filmed in Budapest, Hungary. I love the process of helping my fellow actors analyze their scripts and sharpen their performances! My forte is definitely comedy, and dark comedy at that.

I speak French, and I can help with the language or accent.

I can give adjustments to help you reach your best performance, or I can simply read with you - whatever you need.

I'm studying at the Margie Haber studio right now, and have taken acting classes for both stage and camera since 2015. I enjoy helping my fellow actors shape their performances into something that feels authentic to them, no matter the role. Looking forward to working with you!

Venmo: @Ella-Anderson
Instagram: @shortfilm_tallgirl

I'm an actor and filmmaker in Seattle, WA. I've been studying film acting for for five years.

I'm studying at the Margie Haber studio right now, and have taken acting classes for both stage and camera since 2015 - with Mighty Tripod in Seattle, and various acting/writing/directing classes at Shoreline Community College.

I also speak French and play flute, as those were my two majors in college (University of Oregon). I lived and studied in Lyon, France, and then later lived in Budapest, Hungary, where I studied with Peter Schueller and made my first film, Jessie's Theory.

Venmo: @Ella-Anderson

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" Great reader! Ella is reliable and fun to work with! "
" Ella was such a solid partner. Definitely want to use her as a reader again. Great feedback, very adaptable, clear audio. "
" Ella is awesome!! "
" Great reader, very patient and we got the flow down together. "
" Nous parle francais et c'etait une bonne moment! "
" Great! "
" Ella! What a delight and a treasure, gave me some great tips to keep me nimble and playing but still on story. Will be a repeat customer. "
" Lovely, patient reader! Thank you! Looking forward to working with Ella again. "
" Awesome energy! "
" Super helpful! x "
" Excellent! Adding to my favorites~ She brought all the energy I need for this comedy audition. Thanks :D "
" Super helpful feedback and notes! Thank you!! "
" So helpful and so supportive. "
" Always amazing! "
" Amazing! Intuitive. Fantastic!!!! "
" Ella is a great reader. Very energetic. Thank you. "
" Great! A ton of fun "
" Thank you Ella! "
" Ella is a great reader! Woo "
" Wonderful and friendly reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Super friendly, patient, and present. Great reader to work with! "
" Nice read. Very helpful. "
" Great reader!! very patient and collaborative. "
" Awesome! "

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