Darren Sinden

So, I am what you would class as a new face in film, TV and modelling after 20 years within technology, I have gone through quite a transformation over the last 3 years and found a new passion and confidence in front of the camera, having now done some modelling shoots (un-published) I am starting to gain some interest due to my unique looks with vitiligo and grey temples and chin so very much now being seen as a silverfox and have even been seen as a John Wick/Keanu Reeves lookalike.
As a new face I know its going to take hardwork and perseverance havng already spent 2 years trying for various castings learning along the way and in 2019 finally was selected as a support actor for "The Crown" series 4
Heres to the future and whatever the luck and hard work can deliver.

God bless...

2019 - The Crown Series 4 - Australian Delegate