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"Choosing a reader can be overwhelming. That's why with our revolutionary new service "ReaderRabbit"! You can easily find the reader that suits your needs! For example: Reader Danny can help achieve your best for TV, Commercial, Film or Stage auditions with his unique ability to adapt to any medium or character! And the best part- you are in charge. Its YOUR time, and we value your time!"

Woahhhhhh, sorry there! I must've gotten confused writing my new Commercial demo! In all seriousness though, anything you need I am here for you! I recently graduated from the prestigious University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting and trained with some legendary teachers such as on-camera teacher Bob Krakower, broadway veteran Krisha Marcano, Tectonic Theatre Company's Andy Paris, and more!

I am currently a represented and working actor who has been acting professionally for over seven years as a child and now as a trained artist! I have won awards and been on various stage and film/tv sets to bring you all the knowledge I've learned! The best part is that I am a recent graduate and still taking classes myself! So all that knowledge is fresh and at the front of my brain to better help you!

I can be of service for anything you might need such as:
-Practicing lines for memory
-Adjusting Framing
-Offer acting advice
-Offer filming advice
-Lean into my character to provide more stakes and authenticity to the scene you are setting
-Read as dull as possible!
-Vary reading tempo
-Chat about the industry/script
-And more!

I would love to work with you and help you become the next actor who I read with that has booked the job!

For now I am working from tips so if you would like to leave me a tip, feel free to paypal or venmo (@dannyk77) me!

Daniel Keenan is an American actor. He is known for roles in films such as Asylum Harbor (2018) and The Old Man (2019).

He was born in Voorhees, New Jersey, and at the age of four he moved to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He participated in regional theatre and attended the Southern Delaware School of the Arts. He received his BFA in Acting from the prestigious University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Spring of 2021.

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" Extraordinary reader, present, smart and warm. "
" So good, easygoing, and helpful. Natural, effortless reader. "
" Danny is Awesome! He's a smart, insightful actor with fantastic feedback. He's definitely my Go-To on this app. "
" Danny was nice and was the perfect reader. Patient and gave awesome feedback. Thanks Danny "
" Working with Danny was amazing! He really helped me to bring life to the scene for my selftape! Book him! "

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