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My names Conchita Mbuyambo and I'm an actor from London. I've trained at Identity School of Acting and the Reel Scene. I'm an incredible sight reader and I can display a wide range of emotions. I've got an excellent general American accent so if you need a girl for that, then I'm the one for you! I'm a trained voice actor and I have experience with classical texts. I love breaking down scenes so if you want some help or to bounce ideas off each other, let me know too.

I've helped other actors with dozens of self tapes and I'm ready to provide you with assistance too.

My Spotlight if you want further info on me:

Please feel to contact me if you'd like to schedule a read!

Instagram: @conchitambuyambo
Twitter: @conchi_mbuyambo

I look forward to working with you!

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My names Conchita Mbuyambo and I'm an actor and voice actor from London. I trained at a Professional level at Identity School of Acting and with the Reel Scene. Whilst completing my History degree at the University of Kent, I also took a module in Acting Shakespeare. During my degree, I specialised in colonialism and decolonisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I have experience in feature films, short films, music videos and theatre; as well commercial voice over, audio description and e-learning. I have a keen interest in TV, film, theatre, video games and animation.

Here's my Spotlight link:

I'm amicable, determined and committed to my work and I would be delighted to bring these qualities to future projects. I look forward to speaking to you!

Best wishes,


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Credits Include

2022 [added]
The Audition Process
Play Miss Honey / Elanor
2022 [added]
It’s The Blackness
Feature Film Kara
2022 [added]
Straight Through Crew
Feature Film Deanna
2021 [added]
Flora Cash - Soul Mate
Music Video Billie
2020 [added]
I'm Drowning
Short Film Izzy
2019 [added]
You Won't Remember Me
Short Film Wanda
2019 [added]
Cigarettes And Alcohol
Short Film Lauren
2018 [added]
GIRLI - Young
Music Video 2018
2017 [added]
Stage Mona
2017 [added]
Elizabeth Van Helsing
Short Film Rachel Collier
2016 [added]
Stage Alicia