Claudia Liz

It's a pleasure to Connect with you as you look for a SCENE partner to help you bring a SCENE to Life, or a MONOLOGUE, or be COACHED on a Scene BEFORE you Record a Self-Tape

I explore Comedy and Drama with ease and pure Joy and bring out the BEST YOU through my Joy, Ease and Trust

For me as your Supporter and Coach, I bring my TRUST into the Room to do Bring to LIFE the Following . . .

it's all about CONNECTING with you to bring out your BEST and most GROUNDED self in the PRESENT MOMENT where you can FULLY TAP TINTO your instinct, the RELATIONSHIP in your scene, WHAT YOU NEED and WHAT'S at STAKE.

Your footage to the casting director will knock them out and make you an ACTOR TO REMEMBER

Out of a JOY to PLAY, I am honoured to be Playing with you to make this moment as Honest and Full of Life with you

I'm also fluent in Spanish and can provide RP, General American For your Scene in Play

Tips are always greatly appreciated

If I'm offline when you need support, we'll do a zoom call and nail your audition

just email:

Look Forward to Connecting Soon,

Claudia Liz


Claudia Liz is an ACTING TEACHER and COACH giving actors the skills and boost to TAP INTO THEIR ESSENCE so they can share it through their characters.

She's worked as an actor in FILM, COMMERCIAL and THEATRE all while tapping into the very foundations of ACTING, MAKING HER CHARACTERS UNFORGETTABLE.


" Great at dissecting characters and finding their motives. "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
Birchaus Produ Sam - Lead
2020 [added]
I am Krishna
TIFF Inside Ou Aria / Krishna
2020 [added]
Ryerson Media Greta - Lead
2020 [added]
Period Purse
Humber College Beatrice
2020 [added]
PenFed Credit Union
Commerical OCP
2020 [added]
Project Butler
Commerical Tanya's Assitant