Ciera Harding

Hey! I'm Ciera Harding, and I'm here to help with all your reading needs! If you're looking for someone who can hype you up, have fun but also takes reading seriously.. I'm your girl! I'm very good at taking direction and I'm all about giving you multiple playable actions that can help you progress emotionally through your scenes. Contact me if you are ready to book!

Hey! My name is Ciera Harding; I’m an actor living and working in Hollywood, California. I graduated in 2019 from Point Park University with a BFA in Acting. This year I booked 3 commercials for Tile, Turner's Dairy, and Cabana. I've also done countless industrials for American Eagle, and print work for Disney on their Youth Programs Website.

Cheryl Murphy- Spectrum LA

" Excellent reader! Great scene partner! Really gives you a read to play off of...and gives great feedback! :D "
" Throws herself into your read. Great working with her. "

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2019 [added]
Twisted Reflections
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