Christopher Dooley

Los Angeles & NYC. Tip me when you book the job.

I love seeing people succeed, and love helping Actors. I have a lot of audition and reader experience via Zoom and FaceTime, and am always happy to share tips and tricks. I'm also a reader/host for Actor's Connection, and have learned a ton from the various Agents, CDs, and other industry professionals I've gotten to work alongside.

There's a nuance and certain skillset needed to strike the right balance of giving an actor what they need without being too much or not enough. I'm also in tune with what various genres and networks call for.

Email me to schedule a time for your audition or just to practice.

IG: @dooleyface1221

I'm career oriented, driven to succeed, work my butt off, and play well with others.

I get along with almost anyone. I have an ability to find common ground and connect with people I may not agree with. On screen or off, I fit solidly into an Everyman role. As common as that may sound, my personality, drive, and ambition are anything but.

I started my acting career later than most, but I bring an arsenal of experience and tools from a full life and previous careers.

Johnson Talent Agency (310) 270-8453

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Christmas at Pacific Breeze
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