Casey Haeg

Hello there! My name is Casey and I have been actor, and improviser for 12 years.

How I can support you:
- I would love to read as your scene partner! I will put energy and focus behind my read so I can support and highlight *your* best performance.
- My improv training gives me the ability to think on the fly and always follow your lead.
- I am willing to rehearse as many times as you'd like to help you learn the part and become as comfortable as possible in the role. Also happy to give feedback/direction if you want!

Looking forward to working with you!

The Purge – Season 2 Female Maid Director: Jessica Lowrey
Must Ride Bike (pilot) Casey (star) Side C Films
Music Video Executive Banker Tank and the Bangas
Music Video Background Jake Shears
Cloak and Daggers Background Central Casting
A Teacher’s Guide Multiple Roles National Theater for
Pizza Luce Promo Bev Pizza Luce

Lakes 4 Pam MN Fringe
Mobsters Inc Mairzy The Mystery Café
Let’s Kill the Boss Harriet The Mystery Café
Snow Country Madeline MN Fringe
Couple Fight II Casey MN Fringe

Prank Pack Packaging

ComedySportz: Mainstage Player, 2013-2017
HUGE Improv Theater: Instructor and performer, 2010-2017. Mainstage cast of Family Dinner; Creature Feature; M4W; Harold House Team; Deconstruction House Team; OffBook;
Owner of Two Friends Improv Theater, New Orleans.

Del Corral and Associates Office: (504) 324-3782 Office: (504)324-3819 Fax: (504) 283-0268

Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
The Purge
TV Series