Carrie Dimaculangan

Reads for free & accepts tips

Canadian Actress able to read fluently in English, German, French and Italian. Can do multiple accents as well and can coach Standard American. Love working with people on their scenes and helping you get the most out of your audition.

Professional opera singer, musical theater and stage actress with over 20 years of experience. Retrained over the pandemic in 2021 in the UK in screen & film and can be seen on major 2022 international campaigns such as Coco-Cola International, IT Cosmetics L'Oréal International, Wayfair Germany, B&B Hotels Germany and Giropay Europe. She can be seen in the 2023 Icelandic/German Magnolia Pictures thriller "Operation Napoleon" and was recently cast for a supporting role in the BBC slasher series, "WRECK" for season 2.

Bobby Dazzler Berlin
" Fantastic energy and a positive spirit on the other side of the camera. Would definitely work with her again! "
" Welcome Carrie! I'm so glad you're reading on here now! Book her y'all!!! "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
WRECK Season 2
The Baby's Girlfriend
2023 [added]
Operation Napoleon
Liz (Embassy Worker)
2022 [added]
Coco-Cola International Commercial
Opera Singer (featured)
2022 [added]
IT Cosmetics - L'Oreal Commercial
2022 [added]
Wayfair Germany
Commercial Friend (featured)
2022 [added]
B & B Hotels Germany
Mother (featured performer)
2022 [added]
True Gum Denmark Image Film
Maria the Journalist (lead)
2022 [added]
Giropay Europe
Woman (featured performer)
2022 [added]
Dido & Aeneas
Dido (lead)
2021 [added]
Carmen & Company
Featured performer
2021 [added]
The Old Maid & the Thief
Miss Todd (lead)
2021 [added]
Amazon RING
Commercial Friend
2020 [added]
Mahler in Movemeny
Devised Moveme Lead Performer
2020 [added]
Opera Carmen
2020 [added]
Radio Show Canadian Food Critic
2019 [added]
Billie Holiday Story
Musical Billie Holiday
2019 [added]
Misa Tango de Buenos Aires
Concerts Lead Soloist
2018 [added]
The Letters of August Macke
Audioplay Clara Macke (female Lead)
2018 [added]
Mozarts Zauberkiste
Opera Aubergine (Lead)
2017 [added]
High Jive Soul & Swing
Concerts Lead Singer/ Songwriter
2017 [added]
Pasta Opera
Dinner Opera T Isabella
2015 [added]
Hansel & Gretel
Opera Hansel
Operation Napoleon
Liz Young Embassy Employee


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