Broghanne Jessamine

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

Hi! I'm Broghanne, I am a NYC based actor in film, theatre and voiceover.

I love working with other actors. I am available for rehearsing scenes, as well as auditions. I am happy to give feedback if wanted as well as break down scenes, character, relationships, and atmosphere.

My time zone is EST and I have very flexible hours, don't mind helping with a reading early in the morning or late at night or during the weekends.

Originally from Scotland I can also help with working on a Scottish accent if needed.

A New York City based actor, Broghanne works in film (The Knife Fighter, A Series on Surviving, The Sentinel), theatre (The Right and Left PLays, #metooplays) and voiceover (ESPN, Panda and Krash, The Promise). Broghanne is originally from the North East of Scotland where she worked in comtemporary and divised theatre.



14 Reader Reviews

" Broghanne was awesome! A great reader and so easy to work with. "
" Broghanne is an excellent reader!!! "
" Amazing reader! Super easy to work with and really patient! Book Broghanne!! "
" She is an extraordinary reader I mean that! Book her Guys!!!!!! "
" Amazing reader!!!! "
" Broghanne is great! I really enjoyed working with her. Highly recommend! "
" She is a great reader! Also, she helps you navigate through the scene, bringing different perspective, food for thought! Thank you :) "
" TERRIFIC!! Thank you for rehearsing with me! "
" Broghanne was so much fun to work with!! Thank you for the notes, for pushing/helping me ensure that I was word perfect, and also for giving me some ideas to switch up the scenes and to find some new energy within them. Hope to work with you again soon! "
" Super helpful! "
" Great Reader!!! Book her guys!!!! "
" Amazing!! So helpful and easy to work with!! "
" Really supportive and an excellent reader. "
" So amazing, supportive, loving energy, was such a joy to work with. definitely book her if you can its complete worth it! "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Zoomer vs Ulta Boomer
Quirky Party G Zoomer
2022 [added]
Survivor Cindy (Supporting)
2022 [added]
We're Lost
Short film, drama lead
2021 [added]
The Knife Fighter
Feature Film Erin (Lead)
2021 [added]
Power Failure
romantic lead Linda (Lead)
2021 [added]
House Sitting
femme fatale Alisha (Lead
2021 [added]
24 Inches
Comedy Jessica (Lead)
2019 [IMDB]
A Series on Surviving
2015 [IMDB]
The Sentinel