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Discover the WeAudition Side Hustle Showcase

Sanctuary Candles

We’re thrilled to introduce you to something special – a brand-new page on WeAudition that’s all about celebrating your diverse talents and side hustles! We believe that every member of our community is a unique constellation of skills, passions, and projects beyond acting. It’s time to shine a spotlight on those pursuits and create opportunities to uplift each other.

Unveiling Our Side Hustles: A Spotlight on Your Talents

Are you a UGC Creator, a Super Spokes Band member, a Sketch Artist, an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director, or maybe even a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist? We’re beaming with pride as we showcase these incredible WeAudition members who are shining in their side gigs. And guess what? We’re opening the stage to you too!

Your Side Hustles: A Community of Stars

We’ve created a space where you can share your various talents and businesses. Whether it’s a creative project, a small business venture, or a side hustle that lights you up, we want to hear about it. The directory is here to proudly display your ventures, and for logged-in users, it will be linked to your profile. Your WeAudition profile information will remain private to non-members.

Thrive Together: Elevate Your Passion Projects

We know that every actor has a dynamic range of talents, and that’s what makes our community so extraordinary. Your side hustles and passion projects deserve a place to shine just as bright as your acting journey. Plus, with all the love and support in the WeAudition community, you’ll find encouragement and camaraderie that only fuels your success.

Don’t Forget: Your Side Hustle Matters!

Remember, every actor has side jobs and income streams beyond the stage or screen. In fact, many members boost their skills and earn some extra income by becoming a reader on WeAudition. It’s a win-win: sharpen your acting skills while helping fellow actors and making a little something on the side. 💰

We invite you to join this vibrant celebration of talents, passions, and community. Let’s encourage each other, learn from one another, and support the journeys that make us uniquely us.

So, whether you’re crafting candles, strumming tunes, mastering hypnotherapy, guiding yoga sessions, or something else entirely, let the world know!

Share your side hustle on WeAudition and become part of the tapestry that makes the WeAudition Community truly exceptional.

With all our support and cheers 🎭🌟