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Covid-19 Production Guidelines UK Broadcasters May 2020

The BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, the Association for Commercial Broadcasters and On-Demand Services (COBA), ITN, ITV, Pact, Sky & STV have just announced that they’re joining forces to introduce new industry-wide guidelines for producing television safely. 

Read the full guidelines here.

What does it mean for actors?

  • If you are specifically considered high risk of harm, you shouldn’t be on set and probably won’t be hired.

  • Producers are being asked to MAXIMISE use of technology such as WeAudition to enable working from home where possible.

  • Social distancing on set where possible.

  • Smaller crews.

  • Outdoor filming preferable.

  • More use of ‘green screens’ where possible support minimising numbers on production.

  • Scripts should be provided as early as possible to support with planning.

  • Directors and other relevant roles may need to be brought on earlier in the planning and prep for production to establish what is required to deliver the production within the restrictions of managing the COVID-19 risk.

  • Risk assessments by producers