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A Night Above the Clouds: WeAudition’s Stellar Mixer during the Tribeca Film Festival

Greetings, WeAudition family!

We’ve just gotten back down to Earth after an incredible evening spent above the cityscape of New York during the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival.

Thank you for everyone who attended. You can see pictures here:

The night was a perfect blend of inspirational creativity, engaging conversations, and a palpable sense of unity, all set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of NYC’s skyline. We were on the roof, with one hand in the air for the big city, celebrating the vibrant community we’ve built together.

The view from our venue was nothing short of spectacular, offering a clear panorama of the iconic Empire State building. The dazzling lights of the cityscape were a reminder of the collective dreams and ambitions this city houses, just like our community. As night descended, the city turned into a magical confluence of lights, creating the perfect ambiance for a memorable evening.

Our event was teeming with a beautiful crowd, full of inspiring and creative souls. Artists, actors, filmmakers, and industry professionals came together in an atmosphere brimming with possibilities. It was a wonderful sight to see our members engaging in lively conversations, sharing stories, experiences, and forging new connections. The enthusiasm and creative energy were absolutely electric.

We were overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback from all who attended. The sense of community was stronger than ever as we came together to celebrate not just our accomplishments but also our shared journey. Seeing the WeAudition family expand and evolve with each event is something that brings us immense pride.

We are particularly grateful for the candid moments captured by our talented photographers. They managed to encapsulate the essence of the evening: the laughter, the camaraderie, the deep conversations, and of course, the awe-inspiring views. Click the photos here in this article to view them all. Be sure to download and share them.

Reflecting on this night, we are reminded of why we started WeAudition. Our vision to create a platform that supports, connects, and empowers artists from around the world is alive and more robust than ever. Seeing you all connect, create, and collaborate reaffirms our commitment to our mission.

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for this memorable evening. Your passion, creativity, and shared love for the arts are what makes WeAudition such a unique and thriving community.

Until our next mixer, keep reaching for the stars, and remember, whether you’re rehearsing a script, or self-taping a scene, you’re not alone – you have a community backing you every step of the way!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events from WeAudition!

Until then, keep creating, keep collaborating, and keep dreaming big.

With love and gratitude,
Richard & Darren, and our party co-hosts Jimmy Akingbola & Brett Newton
Your WeAudition Team