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LA Pilot Season Mixer 2020 & Artios Awards Pre-Party

WeAudition LA Mixer 2020

Some of our favorite shots from last weeks packed house @weaudition Mixer at @mixology101la in LA.

Guys, we are so grateful & humbled how the WeAudition community is growing. Everyone has had such positive feedback about the energy & nice vibes at these mixers and that’s all YOU. Hardworking, conscientious, fun, friendly actors & industry folk. Thanks to all the talent, managers, agents, producers & casting directors that came out to kick off pilot season with us, and pre-party for the @csacasting Artios Awards. It was great to toast the nominees the night before the main event & celebrate casting!
THANK YOU for making this our best mixer yet!

Special thanks to @ciakintl our co-host, @dickiesanders & @elizabetharendsla & @aircam for the amazing photos, @mixology101la & staff for always being 💯and @skinte for the beverages. Plus @audreyscoresmoore & @samvalentine & @citizenskull.liz for helping us champion this event along with the loyal WeAudition Elite Members who always support. @ Mixology 101[0]=68.ARAEZEFgLET6YRm4FrVpDoGqjJrdR5YPIrDDuNV7U46cJqh9ptrlncmDtGnfpd8V6cjT0e2Yb1nL8TVncf719YpVLNyuQ3Sl1ZSYgv4KKicSkQzovD3T-TXmA20V-Cux20LR-p6KAa7QWoy1UterlVTPFkAPCXf665faT6JIHK9QcrazULpbESBvht7T2ETY8C0ikbA7isw5vGYSCxTBf-B42ruYTwPg1M7FrHBxOZj8k25jVVpz6e4kZd8BbnBakRbVcPvcLnejVwggD2PTXp56_suNlwxaju_eEgDwafQUmin3QsRrGlmeep1dN3u-LVl3QUxlJ8VAolksrLi6hcSZAvLEGxwRurno81K9Dq-GN72IREfjaFuLydDS4rZgXP1smbKq2alzV1EvA8HtSS4sqOYhLQJrGBH5tBqY8dpnaIU&__tn__=-R[0]=68.ARBqZM4dJuFzrvwfA3AJFPqKTJEriuVOpbTnXDLmI2VmEv63ZpsgFTyzl0qHszEZwq8fFX79YCXPhBYcptCwGimKD6038iFwFoEq2-jBivBKZIY1UR1nEB6YdUvMH9q83D533YMx3hxO-0qafAathnwljJdTtr4BbCbm5D1taEAa6Nv2L-9avgX3gVKKJc3Qff6mV5TVHpJRD8URrOYjuC1pXjLuHH0CBZm969dMmuGr9xcT2VRy78SbJfI36mn96xxtF-0jWsCc_JctoS9nEE2EkuBiOAKwjy1TNNNnW-xOu03Q05DWUF5gNn8TnJYU0b2cg8m4gccbBta4Q7U2ySPtAAPyk4mibsRqwgorthj63tAVN1fdlrSl79ZqLmrLEaqSzO7QXJtdabWzmx9vPuZstg9EGUC9wolyf634m-CAQ17X9-53Ke1kaSfvc6NMFMBPM1WQrYzn7EF9nIyWkrGU-1BjUIqLQEbzuZJxERA9lOaT2o1-3g8ZSuh8nKTN_wvzBXP12wSmOgmsxxb4sFqXhjjA2gfxu_0pC8Df8zU&__tn__=-R

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