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Future of Casting Panel & Party – Cannes 2023

Bonjour, WeAudition family!

An intoxicating blend of glamour, inspiration, and camaraderie – these words perfectly encapsulate the magic of our panel and party during the Cannes Film Festival 2023. Held again at the grand WeAudition House, in Cannes, the evening was a testament to our vibrant community of dreamers, creators, and achievers.

Marche Du Film Panel at the WeAudition House during Cannes Film Festival.

As the clock struck 6pm, guests started to arrive and walk our red carpet up the steps, welcoming our members and panel guests into an unforgettable evening of insights, networking, and celebration. WeAudition House exuded charm and elegance, embodying the radiant spirit of Cannes and the cinematic glamour associated with the Film Festival.

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The heart of the evening was the enlightening panel discussion held in the WeAudition House’s opulent salon. The room, resplendent with luxurious interiors and filled with an air of anticipation, became a hub of dynamic conversation and intellectual stimulation. The panel, comprised of esteemed Casting Directors Lucy Lenox @luci_lenox , Cassandra Han @cassandra_han_casting, and Annette Trumel @annettetrumel, actress and WeAudition’s One to Watch, Gina May @ginawyd, and moderated by our own Darren Darnborough and Richard Cambridge, provided invaluable insights and stirred engaging dialogues. This year, the session was streamed live on the Marche Du Film website, extending the reach of these rich exchanges.

As the intellectual ripples of the panel subsided, the evening segued into a relaxed networking session on the mansion’s expansive terrace. Offering a spectacular view of the French Riviera, the terrace came alive with spirited conversations, shared laughter, and the clinking of glasses.

This was a moment for our members to not only forge new connections with Agents, Managers and Casting Directors, but also to meet in person the friends they had made online through WeAudition’s video chat platform. There was an undeniable sense of warmth as our virtual family came together in the physical world, strengthening bonds and creating enduring memories.

Looking back, we are filled with gratitude and pride. From the red carpet that welcomed our guests, the enlightening exchanges in the salon, to the vibrant networking on the terrace, every moment was imbued with the essence of WeAudition – community, connection, and collaboration.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who attended and contributed to this remarkable evening. Your passion, creativity, and shared love for the arts make WeAudition the thriving community it is today. Thank you to our sponsors Nohaus for their fabulous massage chairs installed in the Salon for the duration of our stay, and to Marlin Spike for serving delicious and stylish rum cocktails to our guests.

***Official Marché du Film Panel ***

We are grateful for another packed house. This year we officially live-streamed with the @mdf_cannes Marché Du Film. As you can see it was both fun & informative, exactly how we like it!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events from WeAudition. Remember, no matter your journey in the world of arts, the WeAudition family is here for you.

Until then, restez créatifs!

With love and gratitude,
Rich & Darren