Ayvan williams

Hi, amazing human!

Are you looking for a reader who you can be your super casual self around? You're in the right spot!

I myself am an actor and know how difficult it can be to find a good reader! I know how important it is to feel completely comfortable with your reader in order to create the best read you can and I cannot wait to be that for you!

Some of my specialties are…
-Gen-Z and teen Lingo specialist!
-Helping in basic character development
-Discovering context clues within the text
-Drilling lines to help you memorize QUICK!
-Southern, British, and cockney accents
-Being a very casual person and friend for you to voice your concerns and speak your truths to!!

(Along with so many other things!)

Again I cannot wait to help you, you’re going to kill it!

DM Me on insta if you want to work together and my becon is not on:)

Tips are greatly appreciated but never required!!
Venmo: @Ayvan-Williams

Also!! Please leave a review!! Thank you!!

Ayvan Williams is an 18-year-old actress based in Los Angeles, California. She was born the youngest to a large family of 6 humans and 2 dogs. Ayvan was basically raised at the baseball fields and backstage of concerts and theatre shows. She has been working in the entertainment industry since the young age of 7 years old when her mother encouraged her to stop bothering her siblings and sing for an audience! She got her start in musical theatre and quickly moving on to tv and film at the age of 12.
Since starting in tv and film Ayvan has trained at Cynthis Bain Young Actors Studio where she learned the Uta Hagen technique and has 8 years of professional training at Humphrey's School of Musical Theatre.

Other training includes…
-The Prep NJ
-Amber Horn Invitation only classes and privates
-Zak Barnett Studio
-David Gray

(Along with years of more classes, performances and auditions than I can count!)

Some other unusual bits about me are…
-I love baseball!
-I love to travel and have traveled to half of the US States just in the past 3 years!
-I come from a big family:)

Take 3 Talent (NYC) Natasha Matallana (646) 289-3915 The Boysen Agency (Houston) Patricia Boysen (713) 349-0000

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Dear Julianne Moore
2021 [added]
Where We're Meant To Be
2019 [added]
Make Yourself At Home