Ashley Rene

I'm a Meisner trained actor & super comfortable with improvising dialogue and making the scene feel very real. I'd love to help you (:

Hi there! I'm an LA and AZ local hire with experience in a feature (now on Amazon Prime), several short films and a few commercials. I've been apart of a great team for the 48 hour film festival and we were awarded best film. At the Jerome film festival, I starred in the short film "The Evolved Spectrum" which won first place! I make comedy sketches for my YouTube channel; one got 2.5 million views on my FaceBook page! I currently train at the Baron Brown Studio and have taken Wendy Alane Wright Hollywood Winners Circle course.

" Great reader!!! Thank you Ashley! "
" Legend! And soooooo nice. Thank you Ashley x "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
Quarantine Leap
TV Series
2020 [added]
Rocket Science
2020 [added]
Bleeding Heart
2018 [IMDB]
The Evolved Spectrum