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Hi there! My name is Amber, and I am a SAG-AFTRA (USA) & Equity (UK) actor that has worked in this industry for over 11 years. I deeply enjoy my job, and I love reading for actors almost as much as I love being an actor myself. When delivering a compelling performance, having the energy of a present reader is incredibly important. Though I was born and raised in Texas, I currently live and work between Europe and North America.

Working across different markets globally, allows me to use my knowledge and experience to tailor to your specific needs as a storyteller. My goal is to help you feel satisfied with your work, and that your read is as honest and authentic as possible. You being happy with your performance is my goal, and I am here to help with that in any way that I can. Also, I LOVE hearing back from you guys whenever you've booked something that we've worked on. Your joy and success is a win for us both.

Do you have a LAST MINUTE self tape request or want to schedule an audition ahead of time? No worries, shoot me an email if I'm not online. I am usually available as early or as late as you need, for as long as you need. We can adapt to what serves you best.

If you're looking for a patient reader to standby as you memorize or tape, you're wanting attentive feedback, or you just want someone to bounce ideas off of; I'd be more than happy to help you with it all.

Hope to hear from you soon, and wishing you all the best. HAPPY BOOKING!

Accents: American Standard *Native*, Texan *Native*, New York, Boston, West Coast, Midwest, Southern (various), RP

Languages: English, Spanish

If I am not online and you need a reader ASAP, shoot me an email at

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✨ Instagram: @AmberShanaWilliams


Amber Shana Williams an international actress. Currently known for her role in the breakout series "The Chosen"

Julianna Bautista Agent +44 7951 232455 (UK) Identity Agency Group +44 20 3488 6960

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131 Reader Reviews

" Can I do 10 stars? AMBER IS AMAZING. WeAudition glitches made her unable to agree to my request so she went out of her way to dm me & offer the service. I messaged her later in the day & she was instantly available. I asked for 15 minutes but she offered to keep going till I was happy with the take! Thank you Amber, can't wait to work with you again! "
" Amber is amazing!!! She is a pro! And phenomenal reader and scene partner "
" Absolutely love working/reading with Amber! She's fun and extremely helpful and talented. "
" Great reader and super helpful ! Thanks !! "
" Excellent reader! Super grateful for her help and direction. She also took advantage of our extra time and challenged me to try different takes. Definitely would book her again! "
" Awesome scène partner "
" Amazing, talented, helpful, caring, creative, and collaborative. All the things~ Also just really fun :^) "
" She is amazing! "
" As amazing as ever. Amber is always so generous with her energy, skills, and talent. I was so happy to be able to get her again for this audition. She really helps me to feel calm and confident. She always gives advice that allows me to get out of my comfort zone and reconnect with the fun and free actress I know I can be. Highly recommend again and again!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Amber is a GIFT and GIFTED!! So grateful to work with an artist of her caliber for my auditions! Thank you!! "
" Great to work with and provides excellent notes if asked! Highly recommend!! "
" Awesome, and super helpful, easy going but professional! "
" Wonderful Reader/ Actress, but a lot of emotion, matched my energy! Great :) "
" Amber is fantastic! Thank you! "
" Thank you for getting me through these self tapes! Amazing as always!! "
" Amber is a breath of fresh air. She super talented!! So grateful to work with her on my self tapes and audition prep. "
" Very good suggestions, and very positive energy. Loved working with her. Thank you! "
" Incredible insight. Wonderful redirects. Couldn’t of done it without your help. Thank you so much. Such a phenomenal reader and coach. "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Amazing, so helpful!! Great notes and reader. "
" She was the best! "
" Fantastic, very helpful and comfortable to work with, highly recommended! "
" Omg amber saved my life with this last minute audition that was in english and spanish. her accent is great. her pacing is great. book her !!! "
" Thanks so much much Amber!!! "
" A+ reader ! So wonderful to work with. "
" Patient, great read, massively friendly and yet so professional, made me feel very comfortable, cannot recommend highly enough! "
" So BOMB!!!! Fluent in Spanish ....OMG Amber saved the DAY! Thank you for listing your skills on your profile so it was easy to find you! Great feedback. Cool chick... fun to work with... GREAT actress!!! Positive attitude. "
" Amber was exactly what I needed to get a magical take. Divinely timed! Thank you. "
" Awesome working with you Amber!! You even worked with a very brilliant English dialect. Thank you!! "
" Awesome reader and a great person! "
" So Intuitive! "
" Amber is a great reader and gives great notes. My go to reader for female roles! Thank you! "
" Amber was the absolute B-E-S-T. She provided an excellent Nigerian accent, and wonderful coaching skills that really helped me take my audition to the next level. I hope to book with her again soon!! 10/10 "
" Great reader! Connected and authentic. :) "
" Amazing reader. Amber offered really good feedback to switch up my takes and was a lot of fun! "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader, gave me a lot to work with :) "
" Wonderful to work with as always. Excellence is her standard! "
" Amber is a joy to work with. I feel free to try any and every choice that pops into my head when working with her. She is encouraging, warm, and easy to talk to! "
" Amber is so gracious and helpful!! Love working with her. "
" Talk about life saver ! Amber was great reader, was very good with pacing and making the script and reading feel real ! I got a really good selftape!! I sooo recommend. "
" Thank you for your lovely presence and reading for me for my self tape audition. I highly recommend Amber as a reader. All the best "
" Fantastic!!! Very laid back, extremely helpful, very invested, i echo another reviewer, who says Amber can give different reads every time keeping things fresh, great experience. "
" I felt so comfortable and free to play in the scene with Amber! Thank you thank you thank you! Fabulous reader!! "
" One of my favourites on here, whether it's to rehearse, run lines or tape (but man is she bomb for getting those great takes)! Thanks, Amber! "
" Amber was patient and very generous as a reader! "
" Great reader, awesome feedback and makes you feel comfortable. "
" Great energy, and so easy to work with - Thank You Amber!! "
" Thank you so much!! "
" Amber is great. Thank you. "
" Once again, amazing energy. I needed a last minute reader, and reached out via email! Super responsive and was able to get some fun takes for my audition. Very supportive and assisting in creating a character. "
" I love working with Amber. She puts up with my numerous cold reads and repetitions. Definitely will be using her again! "
" Super fast response. great energy, and fun to work with! Will definitely look to work with Amber again. "
" INcredible reader, incredible artist, incredible mind, incredible heart! BOOK HER "
" Amber was beyond spectacular! I cannot put into words how amazingly patient and supportive she was! If you are ever in need of a early morning or late night reader, Amber is your girl! She really took the time to help me with 3 challenging scenes for a major audition! Thank you so much Amber! I would definitely work with her again! "
" Amazing reader every time "
" Amber was great! She gave me plenty of ideas and really helped me break down the multiple scenes I had. "
" Amber is SO GOOD! Jumped right into the scene, was an incredible scene partner, and gave so much support as I learned my lines. Thank you so much! "
" Amber was great to work with, she brought a lot of variety and picked up the scene quickly. "
" Literally one of the best readers I've ever had. She helped me get where i needed to go and so effortlessly, we finished a super intense scene in under 30 min, and she was also super sweet and kind and gave me every accommodation. Highly highly recommend! "
" Incredible damn talented reader gave something different each time! "
" Amber is Awesome! Great tips and advice! Definitely made me feel more confident about my work. Also, go to morning person, if in the states!!! Will 100% reach out again. "
" Highly recommended! Excellent coaching! "
" Godd reader with good suggestions. "
" Great as always "
" Amazing reader! Very easy going and personable. Helped me make some great choices behind my character. "
" Always a treat working with Amber. Great energy and helpful suggestions. Love her vibe! One of my tapes with her led to a callback!!! Whoohoo!! "
" Amber was a rockstar. Enjoyed the working with her. "
" Good energy. loved reading with her. "
" Excellent Reader! Provides great feedback! Recommended! "
" Excellent experience! Wonderful read! Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" You are a queen ! Thank you until next time! "
" The most incredible actress !!!!! She gave me everything I needed in the scene and more!!!!! "
" Awesome reader! :) "
" GREAT! "
" A+ reader ! so so so fun to collaborate with "
" Excellent reader! thank you. :) "
" Great reader Great energy! will book again. "
" Once again Amber has shared her MAGIC and I am eternally grateful. She's the real deal!! "
" Whew chile! Amber is an absolute PRO. Jumped right in and gave me EVERYTHING I needed to get ready. I will definitely be woking with her again. I'm a new fan! "
" Wonderful reader and incredibly personable! Amber really helped keep my energy up and gave great pointers on both the scene and the US accent! Strongly recommend! "
" AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! I cannot say enough. She was so helpful, inspiring, and creative. Amber supported me and gave me great adjustments that took all 3 of my tapes to the next level. She was super patient and I honestly, am so pleased with my work. Many thanks do to her. I highly, highly recommend !!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Amber was amazing. She gave me great choices and helped me knock out a last minute audition! Thank you! "
" What a great reader! "
" Here is an actor who gives you so much to work with that you discover stuff you didn't see at first. A smart actor, with awesome instincts. Thank you so much, Amber! "
" So intuitive "
" Always, always, always brings it <3 "
" Perfect reader!! Thank you "
" Amazing reader! So helpful / great feedback! I highly recommend Amber!!! :) "
" Excellent reader! "
" Amber is an excellent reader. She was game for whatever I needed and brought a great energy. Looking forward to working with you again, Amber! Thanks! "
" AH-MAZING!!! SO sweet and creative!! Very supportive, will book again "
" Gah!!! Such a great reader!!! SUPER generous with her energy and talent. Was rehearsing a scene I was apprehensive about and now I can't wait to GO! Booked her for my self-tape tomorrow! Woohoo! "
" Amber is just amazing! Always gives the best reads and feedback to help better my self tapes! "
" Amber is AMAZING!!!! Awesome energy, great cold reader, and fun! Made me feel at ease. "
" Amazing reader with great notes and lots and lots of positivity! I felt confident to make choices with Amber! 10/10 would read with her again. Thank you! "
" Thanks for the great energy and read!! "
" Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. As an actress, as a reader, as a human. Thank you, Amber!! "
" The absolute best reader ever!!!!!!! "
" Saved the day!! lovely energy to get the job done. thanks so much "
" Thank you! Appreciate the support! Will def be reaching out again. "
" Awesome reader!!! "
" Great energy! Superb patience! Fantastic partner! "
" Amber is absolutely amazing to work with! I like how she's interested in what you want her to do - to give you what you need... and not just read...for those who like to react off characters (since we have control over the type of read we want ;)! I appreciate her for helping me in this way to submit my best take! :) "
" Great! "
" Great! "
" INCREDIBLE READER!!! Gave me soooo much to work with! I will definitely be asking Amber to read again!!! "
" Amber is a joy to work with and play off of. A clear, smart, warm reader who will give you what you need to succeed. Thank you!!! "
" Excellent and patient reader "
" Amber is absolutely amazing! She was an awesome reader for the medical drama scenes I needed to do and she gave fantastic feedback that helped with all of my challenges with the material. Thank you!!! "
" Amazing 15/10!! One of my favorites "
" Super fun to read with!! "
" Working with Amber is a dream! Very patient and with great ideas and notes. Will most definitely be looking her up again. "
" Great as alwys "
" Excellent is an understatement. Amber is so professional and so deeply knowledgable. I look forward to another session with her expertise on my side. "
" Awesome! "
" Pleasure as always "
" Great notes! Thank you "
" Just what was needed! Thank you Amber. "
" The best! "
" Great! "
" Great reader! really focused and knows the craft "
" Insightful "
" Amber is true professional! Helpful, supportive but not afraid to give you thoughtful direction. I wholeheartedly recommend her and will certainly work with her again! "
" Absolute pleasure to read with! "
" Amber was awesome! Generous, patient, encouraging, and what a smile. :) "

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