Alfred Kemp

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Alfred Kemp is a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, with an emphasis on Acting/Speech. After graduation, he was fortunate to work at many theaters - large and small - in Chicago and across the country as well as begin to build a career on-camera with TV/Film work, Commercials, and a career in Voice-Overs.

Now based professionally in New York City, he is always taking classes and always seeking to stretch his acting muscles on stage and on camera.

His focus recently has been on strengthening his on-camera audition skills for Co-star, Recurring, Guest Star and ultimately Series Regular roles. Each one of these types brings its own unique challenges and he is always looking for the best teachers across the country and world to partner with and learn from.

He is excited to work with his fellow artists across the country and world who need any form of assistance in rehearsing for a specific audition or wanting to just play around in the "actors gym" and stretch our muscles.

Wishing you all much success in the amazing journey!!! We're all in this together!! Let's play!!!

Alfred C. Kemp

Alfred Kemp is an actor, known for Live B.I.G. (2006).

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2006 [IMDB]
Live B.I.G.