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Hi there!

I'm an actor, writer and filmmaker based in NYC.

If you need a reader for a self-tape, a rehearsal partner, or just someone to run lines with, I'm here to help. I love exploring new material and making exciting discoveries with my fellow actors. I studied Drama at Vassar so I'm well-versed in contemporary and classical theater, but the bulk of my professional career has been in film, so I also know the drill when it comes to self-tapes and acting for the camera. I currently take class with the fantastic Ken Schatz, and can also read with you in Greek, Romanian, or French.

Let me know how I can help you shine — I can offer suggestions and new approaches to explore, be a sounding board for your thoughts on the material, or simply be another human to read with.

Can't wait to work with you!


Alex Sarrigeorgiou is an actor, writer and filmmaker based in New York City.

She was born in New Jersey to a Greek father and Romanian mother, and grew up in Athens, Greece.

Alex graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Drama in 2013. She is currently studying acting technique with the phenomenal Ken Schatz.

Alex's first short film "Con Spirito," inspired by the college years of poet Elizabeth Bishop, screened at film festivals around the country. Her directorial debut short film "Grip" is on the festival circuit.

Alex is represented by Engage Artists Agency. She is an ISA Development Slate writer.

Engage Artists Agency Taher Abunadi 858 848 9558

34 Reader Reviews

" Alex helped me run a French audition and her help made me feel so prepared. Such great insights. "
" So kind and helpful! Made my scenes better. "
" Great reader. Alex gave me some great suggestions to make the read pop...Thank you! "
" Alex was a wonderful, wonderful reader. She was so supportive, and had great feedback! Alex is awesome! "
" Alex is super patient, skilled and professional, and the exact actress I needed. I'll book her again. Work with her! "
" Amazing reader! and Thank you for all the lovely notes! "
" Alex was a wonderful, kind, patient reader. She helped push me to show me what I could really do. BOOK HER! "
" So nice and helpful! She really took her time with me. I didn't feel rushed at all. Highly recommend! "
" Amazing reader!!!!!!!! I will be back!!!!!!! Alex gave me exactly what I needed in a short amount of time! "
" Alex has great notes and ideas and knows what shes doing! "
" Super helpful and patient. "
" AMAZING READER with great feedback! Thanks Alex! "
" Alex was awesome! So helpful! "
" She is such a great reader and partner. It was a pleasure working with her "
" Incredible reader. Great suggestion for adjustment. Awesome vibe! "
" Awesome! Will def work with again. Gives you your space to work, was fun, no pressure, gives kind and helpful notes. Really enjoyed this session! THANK YOU! "
" Alex is amazing. Such a great Cold reader and so helpful in helping me get this self-tape done right! Thanks for your patience. "
" Great reader. Very supportive, flexible, and generous. Thank you! "
" Great reader, thanks so much! "
" Amazing notes! Really great coach and actor! "
" Best reader experience yet!! "
" What a thoughtful and insightful reader! Very patient and generous. "
" Great rehearsal and coaching experience! "
" Couldnt connect "
" Ah Alex was so cool! Wonderful reader, definitely gonna use you as often as I can, from now on. Thank you! "
" Alex is the best!!! So much fun, warm, supportive, patient and friendly. Such an amazing talent, highly recommend you rehearse with Alex, she knows how to dissect a script and get the best out of every take. Thank you xx "
" Great great reader. Very generous and great insight. Alex is fantastic and sincere. "
" Super sweet and helpful!! Thank you:) "
" Easy to rehearse with and so nice! "
" Great reader! Very patient and helpful:) "
" Awsome . Very realible "
" Great reader "
" Refreshing and happy to read along "
" Generous and helpful reader. Thumbs up!! "

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