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Hi there,
I'm an Australian currently based in the UK; I'm able to do Australian, English, Scottish, Irish, Russian and American accents.

I have experience in film, television, and stage. I love being able to break down a script and give you the best read possible.

I'm more than happy to give as much time as needed to get you the best take possible, though tips are very appreciated.

If you can't contact me here, please message on any of these platforms:

Based in London, Alexis is an Australian actress with experience in both stage and screen. A lover of all things fantasy and syfy, she loves being able to work on new projects and meet new people.


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" Alexis is amazing!! Super kind and a brilliant reader. She helped me greatly. I would highly recommend Alexis to read auditions and sides! "
" Super helpful!! "
" Thank you Alexis "
" So nice, relaxed, and an amazing reader! "
" Delightful personality and efficient work for an effective read! "
" Alexis...WONDERFUL READER...very helpful "
" HOLY CRAP! The most wonderful reader experience I have ever had on here. So passionate, giving with feedback, easy like talking to an old friend but gave notes that brought out my best. 10 stars! "
" Thank you! Super friendly and gave great direction and suggestions! "
" Really great!! "
" Alexis is so lovely! And a wonderful reader. She understands pace, comedy and directing and I would totally recommend her for rehearsing or filming. "
" Very sweet and supportive "
" So great! "
" Super nice and helpful! Highly reccommend! "
" ALEXIS WAS WONDERFUL!! She is a great cold reader and super helpful. Lovely. "
" So so sweet "
" Always and honor to have Alexis help with my self tapes, she is an amazingly talented actress! Also great advice! "
" Great reader and very helpful! "
" Lovely reader, brilliant instincts when reading! "
" Thanks, Alexis, really good reader, friendly and gave good advice. "
" Alexis was easy to work with, pleasant to talk to, and helpful throughout my taping. Thank you so much. I highly recommend her. "
" Alexis was so wonderful! She got into the characters quickly and is very versatile, would definitely recommend her! "
" Wonderful! Very helpful and motivational! Hope to use again! "
" Alexis was perfect for my read! Loved her energy. "
" Awesome person to work with. I love Alexis's good and fun spirit. She's very supportive and gives great feedback. I'll definitely work with her again. "
" I will definitely use her again! "
" Alexis is an absolute pleasure to work with! "
" Great Reader gave me great notes ! Very Present ! "
" So nice!!! "
" Fantastic, so helpful and kind! "
" Very nice! "
" Brilliant! "
" Brilliant lovely, reader - really personable! "
" Wonderful reader - helped and led me through an exercise to really drop in emotionally. YAY! Will use again. "
" SO Generous, so helpful, so great to work with! "
" Alexis was great! Thank you "
" Excellent! "
" Great energy, enthusiasm & a really thoughtful reader. Thanks. "

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Overcoat Man
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2018 [IMDB]
Black Ghost
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It All Begins With Love
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Three Summers
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Goosebumps: Psychic Edition
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This is Christmas
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