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Hey! My name is Alex and I am here to help in any way I can. Not only do I love acting, but I am also passionate about helping others and working as a team. I have been acting for 5 years now and some of my roles include Tommy Devito in The Great American Heist and a crooked cop on an upcoming series Good Cop Bad Cop on Investigation Discovery. I have auditioned for The Good Doctor and East New York and while I would rather have been cast in the shows, the fact that I was among the top choices gives me the confidence I need to keep pushing towards my dreams and I encourage everyone else to NEVER GIVE UP.

I have taken scene study, improvisation, and Alexander Technique classes which all helped me expand my skills in acting and I will show you techniques that I have learned. I also study psychology as it is very important for portraying a believable and three-dimensional character. It's also extremely interesting to learn about the human mind. I will be happy to share information about it which will help in understanding your characters.

If my beacon (I like that word. It reminds me of bacon) is off you can contact me at If we are past the time limit and you feel you have one more take in you, I won't mind staying longer and NEVER feel rushed if the time is running out or if you need to take a few breaths to get into character I am all for that.

Alex Brett is known for The Great American Heist (2022), A Very Merry Christmas Party (2019) and Freddy and Dickie (2022).

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2023 [IMDB]
Skim City: The Real-Life Mafia Behind Casino
2022 [IMDB]
The Great American Heist
2022 [IMDB]
Freddy and Dickie
2019 [IMDB]
A Very Merry Christmas Party