Alexa Lushetsky

Hi! I am so excited to be your reader today.

I am a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University pursuing a BFA in Theatre with a minor in business.

My intention is to bring kindness, warmth, and ease to every session so that you feel at your best.

I am here to help you. Whatever you need.

I can guide beginners through Shakespeare and a basic German accent.

Can't wait to meet you!

Venmo- @Alexa-Lushetsky
Paypal- @ALushetsky

Hello! I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University pursuing a BFA in Theatre with a minor in business.


106 Reader Reviews

" I love working with Alexa. She has the patience of a saint, which I need when I audition. "
" So patient and kind with her time! Thank you. "
" Alexa is very knowledge, was a great help to someone who has never used we audition. Looking forward to tomorrow when we film the self tape. "
" So nice and helpful!! Great reader. "
" So great! Easy to work with, and so positive! Thank you Alexa! "
" So great and so lovely to work with! "
" Alexa was great and gave really helpful notes both for the scene and camera work. Thank you!!! "
" An awesome partner and reader, would definitely work with Alexa again! "
" Alexa is so sweet, and was exactly the voice I needed! "
" Alexas always great! "
" Super friendly and was able to get my scenes done quickly with her help! "
" Stellar!!! "
" Alexa is the most patient, generous reader out there. She is excellent with feedback and incredibly positive and supportive. Thank you, Alexa! "
" Great Reader!!!! Thank you Alexa!! "
" Alexa is awesome! "
" Super present and friendly. Such a great reader!! "
" An excellent reader with great timing. This was a great, fast self-tape audition, mainly because Alexa was a great listener and adjusted really well to what I was doing with my acting. Highly recommend! "
" Bubbly & grounded - excellent reader "
" East and fun ! "
" Second time with Alexa - great scene partner! "
" Great reader "
" She was a fantastic reader! "
" Great reader. Very helpful! "
" Alexa was fantastic!! So great with the feedback, and super helpful with creative ideas. She's a superb reader, and I can't wait to work with her again. "
" So helpful and fun! "
" Wonderful! Very friendly and committed reader! "
" Present, friendly, and a great reader all around! "
" She was so sweet and kind,, went above and beyond! "
" So sweet and helpful! Great reader "
" She was great! "
" Alexa was a trooper! Patient and excellent reader! "
" Awesome reader who did great under a time limit! Highly recommend! "
" Great Reader! "
" Alexa is a sweetheart and a great energy to work with! "
" Greaaaattttttttt "
" Alexa is great! Book her! "
" Alexa is great and rolled with a lot of tech difficulties on my end. THANK YOU! "
" Alexa was absolutely AMAZING! So kind, so generous, so lovely and a true professional. She new exactly what to give for each scene and matched the energy that both myself and the scene needed. Hire this wonderful talent for all your self taping needs. She is the best! 10/10 "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great! Supper friendly and an excellent reader. Would recommend! "
" So sweet! Great fun to play with! "
" Great job Alexa! "
" A great reader to work with! Provided great suggestions on ways to improve the scene. "
" Alexa was amazing!! SO helpful! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great reader! Super accommodating and helpful! "
" Alexa was super sweet, polite, and encouraging! Thanks so much! "
" Very positive and read at a natural pace;) "
" So patient, great reader! Gave me great energy to feed off of! "
" Great reader! "
" Alexa is a wonderful reader and scene partner! She's very knowledgable and fun to explore with "
" Alexa was great! I loved her energy "
" Amazing reader and had a great pace! "
" So patient, and super helpful direction if I ask for it! "
" Alexa is the best!!! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Alexa's a grounded pro and made me feel so so comfortable!!! "
" Alexa is great! worked for a half hour on some scenes for class and i feel a lot better about them "
" Fantastic reader!! "
" Alexa is awesome! Very relaxed, has a great voice and is VERY easy to work with. Thank you Alexa! "
" Wonderful!!! "
" Amazing reader! Had a great time playing and improving the scene "
" Lots of fun reading together, thank you! "
" So sweet! Such a gem!! "
" Awesome reader! Patient and willing to try new things with me! "
" It was so lovely working with Alexa, such a great energy and an excellent reader. "
" Amazing per usual "
" Great to work with Alexa again, doing really boring rote line learning and it was somehow fun so all credit to Alexa there "
" Great reader who just gets it and flows with the other person perfectly while reading! Highly recommend! "
" Awesome! "
" Lovely! "
" Alexa was so nice and easy to work with! She had so many great, fun notes to try and make the whole experience feel safe and seamless. Thank you, Alexa! "
" Amazing reader. Friendly atmosphere with her! "
" Great "
" You were great! "
" Alexa was kind, patient, and fun to work with! "
" Lovely to work with! Picks up material very quickly. Look forward to working with her again! "
" I loved reading with Alexa thank you so much will definitely read with her again so nice and friendly.. "
" Alexa is great! cheerful and helpful "
" Such a talented gifted reader!!!! "
" SUPER FUN!!!! Amazing reader!!!! I had a blast! "
" Alexa is such a kind, generous and fun reader. She is so patient and will make sure you get the perfect tape. I will definitely read with her again. "
" Great "
" Great to read with! "
" Alexa was wonderful! This was my first time using WeAudition and she was super patient and helpful, and willing to run it as much as I needed! :) "
" “She was absolutely AMAZING!, very patient and gave excellent notes. Thank You Alexa! Highly recommend!” "
" Awesome Reader so patient and giving!!!! "
" Great Reader, Real positive person, would use again! "
" Very friendly and nice! Had fun! "
" Alexa was amazing! So helpful & kind! "
" Great! "
" Alexa is an amazing cold reader and was super open to trying a new technique with me for getting off book! I will DEFINITELY be collaborating with her again whenever I see her on! Snatch her up if she's available guys! You won't regret it. :-) "
" Alexa was so great and supportive! Will definitely work with her again! "
" So great! "
" Very Helpful reader. "
" ``the best "
" Great improv partner! "
" Alexa was so much fun to work with! Highly recommend :) "
" Kind and good questions! "
" Alexa was awesome! Super friendly and chill and just what I needed. Made me feel comfortable. "
" Welcoming Alexa to our "We Audition family". What a joy to self-tape with this great reader. A+ "
" Alexa is so easy to work with and she reads lines well. It was a great time to work with her and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again! "
" Alexa is such an awesome reader she allowed me to feel like I was already in the scene! "
" Alexa was wonderful to work with! Thank you so much for running lines with me :) "
" Excellent to work with, looking forward to working with Alexa again "
" STELLAR READER! Super great energy! Kind, warm, generous, and patient! Thank you for being so flexible and down to jump right into the work and just for being an all around awesome reader! BOOK HER!! "

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Les Blancs
Dr. Gotterling
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The Twelfth Night
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Queen E: Reluctant Royal
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