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Bonjour! I'm a French-American Actress / Singer / Model / Dancer with training in American, French, and British acting studios. I have only been professionally acting since 2020, but have already booked a TV roles, multiple national commercials, a lead and a supporting role in two features.
I am able to read with you in French, English (bilingual), and Spanish (fluent). Basic German, Korean and Zulu as well!

My most recent credits include a confidential pilot for a new series for the Banijay group.

I am an avid reader & always put in my very best efforts into helping anyone I read for. With the ongoing pandemic, I've self taped all through 2020 and into 2021 for many different projects, and have helped friends with their self tapes, as well as other actors during audition tapings with a French casting director I sometimes assist. I genuinely enjoy helping my fellow actors and am always happy to see others get opportunities and succeed!

The way I see it, this is a collaboration. Reading with you will, hopefully, allow you to be well-versed for your audition, but will also allow me to be in situ as much as possible, which is beneficial for both parties :)

If you would like us to set up a meeting, hit me up on social media (FB & IG links below) or email me at - I will be happy to convene on a date and time to assist you :)

Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you!

Best regards,

Alba O'Neill

Hello there!

As a singer, I trained in the conservatory in opera for 2 and a half years in my early-mid 20s and was up until January 2021, I was the lead singer in a pop-rock band.

I also have training in hip-hop and afro-dancehall. I am a Tae Kwondo black belt and am good at languages : I am bilingual in English and French, fluent in Spanish (B2), good notions of Korean (A2/B1) and German (A2/B1).

I have experience on stage as I trained with a reputable theatre director for approximately 2 years (Francis Azéma) as well as in opera at the Tarn Conservatory. I have had multiple experiences in film, TV and national commercials.

Axel Guerfal - Barcino Management Paris

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