Aidan Martinez

Hey Y'all! I’m Aidan (He/Him)

I'm from Seguin Texas, a small town outside of Austin. I've lived in New York for the last seven years and truly enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

I've been acting since I was six years old. Church plays, community theater, three shows a year throughout high school and competition one act plays. As soon as I graduated HighSchool I moved up north and got my degree from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in 2019.

I continue to learn and stay fresh with weekly classes and by creating my own content.

I LOVEEEE being a reader because not only do I get to meet other phenomenal actors I get to see their preparation and technique. I also get to throw myself into roles I would have never thought of... sooo it's a WIN, WIN!

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Aidan was born in Seguin, Texas on April 16, 1996 and raised by his grandparents. Aidan grew up in Kingsbury, Texas, a small country town right outside of Seguin. There is where he fell in love with nature and animals. While attending church he started participating in the holiday plays from the age of 6-9. He then attended drama camps and community theatre. During middle school he continued acting in UIL competitions with poetry and duo scenes. Throughout High School he participated in all he could, musicals, straight plays and more UIL competitions. During the summers he transitioned into a Camp Broadway councilor and director hosted by the Texas Theatre in Seguin. He hopes to continue helping all the kids that come through that camp. At 19 After graduating High School, Aidan decided to move to New Jersey to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University. After two short years there and many amazing friends he decided his goal was Film and TV. Aidan then made the move to New York to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. There he fell in love with the subtlety of on camera acting. He owes everything to God and is blessed with the love of acting. He hopes to inspire people with his journey and let them know it's okay to be authentically you and dream big.

Michelle Hill, Boysen Talent Agency -- David McDermott, JGD -- Susan Sherman, Ambassador Talent Agency

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" Great "
" Aidan was so professional! I was strapped for time and he jumped right in and was PERFECT on the first read! Book him! "
" AMAZING!! SO GENEROUS, and excellent with Comedic Timing! "
" Aidan was so encouraging & helpful! He understood the scene right away "
" Aidan is soooo wonderfll! As a new actor, I get nervous, BAD. Aidan made me feel confident, especially when talking about my backstories for each character. Thank you for the kind words & feedback. Cannot wait to submit these tapes :) "
" Lovely as ever. "
" SOO generous! Amazing energy, and excellent cold reader! "
" Super helpful. Great reader. Very nice. "
" Super cool, energetic and easy to read with. Thanks so much Aidan!!! "
" Awesome person and reader :) book them!!! "
" OMG!!! What a wonderful Reader and person!! Thank you for finding the Gold Aidan ❤️🙏 "
" Great Reader "
" Aidan was super friendly and talented! He was able to do exactly what I needed as a reader and really helped to make the scene come alive. Would book again! "
" Awesome! Booked Aidan twice in one day - Thank you! "
" Great read. Simple. Truthful. Perfect. "
" Great reading with you and thank you for be able to take direction to give me what I needed for the scene. Awesome! Will book again. "
" Great reader, friendly, easy going "
" Great energy! So fun to work with and awesome tips & directions too. "
" Aidan was great! Professional and positive! "
" Amazing!!!! Best ever! Thank you for being so nice funny smart and patient! "
" Aidan was so great, he knew how to make my audition pop even more and gave me great tips. He made sure I got to a comfortable place with the lines and was so nice about us going over time! Excellent reader, would use him again. "
" Aidan is a very kind, patient reader. He was very warm and made me feel comfortable so I could relax into the role. I would definitely use him again! "
" Absolutely wonderful to work with! "
" Lovely reader as always "
" Such a delight working with Aidan! Quick to pick up on the pacing & action of the scene. "
" Aiden was wonderful; great reader; also noticed "details" that I missed (Ie: bra strap showing! slightly off dialogue etc), Patient and supportive (We older actors appreciate that!!) "
" Aidan was great! Thank you so much for your help! "
" Great reader!! Very laid back attitude and gave me exactly what I needed in the scene. Thanks Aidan! "
" Aidan was so fun and easy to work with! Great timing too :) "
" Super awesome! Literally so great to work with. Jumped right into a super long and strange scene and really brought the energy that I needed. I will def work with Aidan again! "
" Patient, Kind, professional; it was an absolute pleasure. "
" Such refreshing and contagious energy! A great reader! "
" Aidan was so patient and sweet, thank you Aidan! "
" Aidan is a fantastic reader! I was lucky to work with him last minute on a self-tape. He was up for the 9-page script I threw at him and a complete joy to work with throughout! I highly recommend him. :) "
" Aidan is absolutely amazing. Not only is he a wonderful reader, but his feedback is so on point -- he totally elevated my self-tape. I can't wait to work with him again! Thank you, Aidan!!! "
" Just the loveliest, as always. SUCH a pro, and a pleasure to work with - got great takes in no time at all! "
" Aidan so much fun to work with you. Thank you for not only helping me read but giving me insight on the character. You are a pro! "
" So kind and genuine. Really sweet and helped me get through my blocks with the scene!! Appreciate your patience and ability to help. "
" Soooo amazing always!!! What an incredible reader!!! "
" Amazing reader!!! So patient and talented! THANK YOU! It was so much fun to work with you!! "
" Aidan was so sweet!! Ran through a scene a bunch and he was present with me the whole time. Thank you!!! "
" Such a kind, helpful, professional reader - want to work with him always!! "
" Wonderful, supportive reader! Didn't mock my Southern accent attempt! Will use again! "
" Aidan was awesome! Patient and great at taking direction. We worked through a difficult 4 minute scene and found the moments together. So it worked big time thanks to him! "
" Amazing reader!! Very intuitive and easy to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Fantastic person to read with! Very Helpful! "
" A super sweet, super giving reader who gracefully forgave me my tongue-tiedness. Thank you, Aidan!! "
" WONDERFUL READER, gorgeous energy, lovely actor. Thank you Aidan!!!!! "

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