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WeAudition connects you with actors and coaches right when you need them.

Browse readers and select an expert suitable to your prospective role.

Rate readers to recommend them to others.

Earn money by helping other actors.

Share sides safely for the duration of the rehearsal.

WeAudition Founders

Darren Darnborough
Cofounder & CEO
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Richard Cambridge
Cofounder & CTO
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Jessica Rose
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About Our Chat Technology
Advanced video chat - more like real life

WeRehearse connects users through advanced in-browser video based on a technology called WebRTC. This means that you don't need to install plug-ins, or use a separate program such as skype or your old video chat system. Modern browsers from devices can communicate directly with each other with crisp images and better sound quality, which makes it perfect for running lines in the most natural way possible.

Plug-in Free

No installation, configuration or switching of windows. Everything is available within our site.

Great Quality

Fantastic realistic video and audio quality depending on your internet connection speed.

Super Fast

WebRTC video technically has very low latency, meaning delay is reduced giving you the chance of a near real-time experience.

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