Abby Satty

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Hello! I'm Abby :)

I am a NYC based actor with training from NYU Tisch at the Atlantic Acting School (Drama) and Stonestreet Studios (Film/TV Acting). I was recently featured on HBO's 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin', 'Gossip Girl', 'and Apple TV's 'Who Invited Charlie?'.

In addition to my training, I have worked alongside many casting directors and agents as a reader at workshops and showcases and have lots of experience cold-reading!

Available for:
-Self Tapes/Auditions
-Memorization/Running lines
-Script Analysis
-Notes/feedback - I love finding the little things in a scene to help bring self tapes to life
-Or just talking about the best Trader Joe's snacks

I look forward to helping you shine! Can't wait to work with you :)

instagram/venmo: abbysatty

16-22. Cheerful, kind, quirky, and downright hilarious. Doe-eyed brunette who could be the charming girl-next-door to the girl who won’t take no for an answer (or maybe tells you no for EVERY answer). Combination of Saoirse Ronan and Dylan O’Brien.


47 Reader Reviews

" The best!! "
" Abby is an amazing reader. Enjoyed working with her very much!!! "
" Shes awesome! very patient and very much in the scene with you "
" The best. Thanks so much! "
" Abby was great definitely will be looking forward to work with her again! "
" Great reader, thanks for your help! "
" Stunning! "
" Great Reader! Thank you Abby! "
" Really helpful and funny feedback and notes! Thanks Abby!! "
" Awesome reader!! Super cooperative "
" Such a great reader!!! And was so encouraging!!! "
" Great reader. A pleasure to work with. "
" So patient and encouraging! would definitely use her again! "
" She was a great scene partner and was willing to give notes when asked. "
" Nice and super helpful. Great reader! Thank you very much! Highly recommended. "
" Amazing reader! Thank you very much! "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you very much! "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you very much! "
" Nice and helpful reader. Thank you so much! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you very much. "
" Lovely!! "
" Abby was enthusiastic and a wonderful reader. Book her! Thanks Abby. "
" Abby is a an awesome reader. Great energy. A+ "
" Ahhhmazing. Beyond incredible. "
" So great & patient! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader with great energy. A pleasure. Thank you! "
" Nice and amazing reader. Thank you very much once again! "
" Amazing reader! Nice and helpful. Thank you very much once again! "
" Super Fun! On point. Jumped right in and hit it all. "
" Amazing reader! Patient, nice and helpful. Thank you very much! "
" Amazing reader! Very nice and helpful! Thank you very much! "
" Great reader! would book again "
" Just what I needed! "
" Absolutely fantastic! A trillion stars! Sweet, helpful, a fantastic scene partner! "
" Great reader, awesome at bouncing ideas around to help prep a scene "
" Abby's awesome!! Always pleasure to read with. "
" She is incredible!! Love her! So easy to work with ; excellent reader. "
" Abby’s really great! Super easy to read with and made it a fun experience taping dialogue that was a little trickier to roll off the tongue- hope to see her on here again! "
" Amazing Reader! Easy going but will give GREAT Notes when asked to...and DEFinitely Goes with the Flow :) "
" Amazing vibes and super fun! "
" The coolest girl, so nice and easy to work with! "
" ABBY IS ON IT! Thank you so much! "
" I just had a great read with Abby! She's awesome and I'd be happy to work with her again some time soon "
" Super nice! "
" Thank you Abby! "
" Helped me with a super quick turnaround! Thanks so much ! Great reader !! "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Gossip Girl
2022 [added]
Pretty Little Liars Original Sin
Teen Rose
2021 [added]
Charlie in the Pandemic
2021 [added]
Catch Up