Aaron Lichtanski

I love reading with other actors! Whether it's to brush up, get ready for class, or for an audition, I'm happy to give notes and feedback, or simply read! Patience and clarity is the key to a good session, hop on in and we'll get the work done!

I have lots of improv experience, from UCB to WE Improv, and happy to help you play and feel more comfortable in your scene. I have been acting for 21 years, and for 9 here in Los Angeles.

Aaron plays characters who are nuturing and funny. She is your kind nurse, peacemaking middle sister, dorky neighbor, responsible receptionist or adventurous best friend. Aaron exudes a sense of the mom-ness of Patricia Heaton coupled with the sweet essence of Melanie Lynsky, and the innocence of Georgette from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Fully vaxxed and boosted. Recent credits include Heavenly Deposit on Amazon, Dangerman directed by Troy Rowland, and WE Improv Live, where she can be seen weekly.

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Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
Dangerman Returns