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Hi everyone, I'm Aaron, from the UK!

I'm an actor and writer with 6 years experience in indie films both short and feature and with training in theatre, and I'm happy to help in any way I can for anyone that needs an enthusiastic and patient reader! Below is a short bio about myself and my journey so far, if you'd like to book me for a read, feel free to send me an email or click to book. Let's get connecting!

I've spent 5 years training in a theatre environment with about 7 performances before branching out into TV and Film where I've worked on feature films, short films and Indie TV series. I've also had experience as a scare actor working on commercials and at several events!

Email; aaronseanliburd@hotmail.co.uk or click the book button and I'll be happy to help any way i can :)

I started acting after being forced to leave a college course in animal care where I began my acting journey with 5 years in a theatre based workshop gaining confidence and taking part in several theatrical productions and live role play events before branching out into film and tv. During this time, I've been part of several short indie films and moved up into indie features such as Wuthering Heights and indie tv series such as a lead role in Hymns of Abarise.
However while acting, I've also gained a taste for scare acting and has been frequently referred to as 'The Screamer' zombie during shows and events.
When not acting, I enjoying working on screenplays varying from Shorts to features and tv pilot concepts.

Represented by Elisaveta Abrahall of The Wintersmith Agency (Contact; enquiries@wintersmithagency.com)

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