Linda Zheng


Hey there! My name is Linda Zheng.
I've graduated from a drama school in New Zealand called UNITEC with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Theatre and Screen Acting) and also a Diploma of Screen Acting at Screenwise- Australia's Leading Film & TV School for Actors in Sydney, Australia.

I currently also mentor university students at University of New South Wales public speaking, business presentations and communication skills as part of their BComP (Business Communication Mentoring Program). I run the program and mentor students in person and virtually!

I'm excellent at listening, staying emotionally present and reading scenes out in many different ways. Happy to take direction from you.
I can do both comedy and drama.
My experience has been reading for friends for auditions and for classmates in class. Feel free to say hi!

Hey there! My name is Linda and I speak fluent English. I have had 3 years of formal training at drama school and 2 years at screen acting school.

I am great at comedy and will read for both comedy and drama if you want to. I'm happy to read many times and in different ways for a scene if you wish. It's a lot of fun! I've read for many actor friends for auditions before.

I have a natural New Zealand accent :) so something a bit different. Let me know if you would like some scenes to be read!

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