I'm an actor and a coach. I understand how stressful taping can be. Just need a reader? No problem. You need some coaching? Okay. Let's dig in! I will help you to focus in on your perspective, your artistry, and your feel for the material so you can get a tape that feels organic, exciting, and honest. Because honestly….there is nothing worse than submitting a tape that doesn’t feel like your best work. So let’s collaborate and GET YOU BOOKED!

My clients are booking co-stars on Law & Order: SVU, FBI, and being pinned and called back for series regulars on Amazon and Netflix movies, TV shows and Pilots. I'm here to support your process.

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" Laney rocks! "
" Great "
" I truly love working with Laney! She offers really--REALLY-- helpful tips. She's patient and gracious and truly helped me get out of my head and become my character. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "
" LOVE HER! So helpful and sweet "
" Laney was absolutely fantastic! Would love to work with her again in a heartbeat! "
" Laney is wonderful - I know she probably has even more coaching expertise to share which is awesome - I unfortunately didn't have a lot of time for that though so she adapted to my speed! I would love to get to read with her again! So patient and kind!! "
" My first experience on Weaudition! Laney was absolutely awesome. I look forward to working with her again soon! "
" Excellent reader! hands down "
" Fantastic reader! Great suggestions, "
" It was such a delight to meet Laney! She is such a GEM and really helped me work through the material. She's super patient, kind and so fun to work with. BOOK here! You will be so glad you did. Thanks girl!! "
" Laney is an awesome scene partner! Really great insight! "
" Such a great[ human being "
" She was so helpful and I truly feel prepared for my upcoming audition. She gave me really good advice and helped me break down the scenes to see how I could approach it differently! "
" Amazing again! Love her! "
" Amazing! Thank you so much !!! "
" Such a lovely reader! gave me the time allotted and then some - very supportive, gave great advice and helped me get the rhythm of the scene. Can't wait to read again! 5**** "
" Laney was excellent! Super helpful, kind and a great reader. "

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