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Strong takes you're comfortable with first! - Then, let's play and find a something new.

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Kevin is a professional working actor living in Los Angeles. Classically trained in Theatre and Film from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, he has 14 years of experience on Stage and Screen. He has extensive improvisation experience, and is part of a Shakespeare Company in Los Angeles.

Kevin is a professional working actor living in Los Angeles. Classically trained in Theatre and Film from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, he has 14 years of experience on Stage and Screen. He has extensive improvisation experience, and is part of a Shakespeare Company in Los Angeles.

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" Great very skilled and puts much into his reads and has the chops to do it. "
" Kevin was great! Will book again :) "
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" Great to work with-gave great notes and was a great actor as well. "
" Intuitive timing and tone. Great experience recording a voice-over audition! "
" Always love working with kevin "
" A+_ "
" Tremendous reader, great notes, super helpful! "
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" Kevin was great! Very professional and go with the flow. "
" Kevin is always the best!!!! Highly highly recommend "
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" Kevin is always so wonderful to work with!!! Such a pro "
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" Had to do another scene with Kevin, since the first was so great! Thank you! "
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" Great reader!! very accommodating and understanding what was needed. Will definitely work with him again!! "
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