Jessica Lombardi

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I am a German actress currently based in Vienna, Austria.
Mostly I am hopping between Vienna, Berlin and London all the time. I work bilingual (English & German) in film and theatre.

Acting is my love, my passion and my way of telling the world all of the stories which have to be told.
It is my greatest wish to inspire, to make a change and to reach hearts through my art.

I would love to help you if you need a reader, a virtual scene partner or even if you need some German accent lessons.

I am a German actress based in Vienna, Austria. My native language is German but I am fluent in English. I also have a basic knowledge of Italian.
After I finished drama school in 2016 I kept training with Susan Batson and Meisner Technique with Steven Ditmyer and Meisner International. Recently I earned my BA in Acting. I am experienced in theatre and film. And I love them both for there different colors .
I am represented by the London based Pilot Poet Talent Agency.

PILOT POET TALENT AGENCY 12 Constance Street, London, E16 2DQ Tel: +44 7469 179442

14 Reader Reviews

" Such a beautiful soul and artist! Magic working with Jessica! "
" Thank u ! "
" Jessica was able to help me pull my emotions out for my role and real get down deep in the character and her wants and needs for the scenes!! FIVE STARS!! Thank you much, Jessica! "
" Amazing reader! Appreciate her feedback and notes & just amazing personality! Thank you! "
" Great scene partner! "
" She was really helpful and she gave me great advices and tips about the website since it was the first time I used it! Can't wait to read with her! Thank you Jessica!!! "
" A great help in memorizing scene "
" Amazing! great help gave great direction and was super patient;) "
" Jessica was awesome! Gave me a good idea to do for a take. Very sweet and patient great to talk to and funny! "
" She is an amazing German accent coach, knows exactly what decisions to make to get your audition just right, and gets the best out of you! "
" Jessica is the best reader we can have. So generous and so talented. Excellent in scene analysis. I feel so lucky to have met you . Thank you... Thank you... Thank you! "
" Again Jessica helped me greatly with digging deeply into the the script. Work with her! "
" Wow, Jessica gave me so much deep insight into my scenes. Work with her, you won't be disappointed. I'll book her again tomorrow. Need to rehearse a scene in German? Go for Jessica. "
" Wonderful reader! Super-friendly and has the perfect eye for detail to help with scenes in German! Thank you Jessica. You're a joy to work with! "

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