Rose Jackson-Smith

Training: LAMDA (3yr BFA)//T.Schreiber (Peter Jensen)
Credits include upcoming appearances on HBO's new miniseries 'White House Plumbers', and upcoming Indie film Zoo (

" First, we picked up the script last week, it was a cold read, I gave Rose a little background on the script. She nailed the read and the dialect. (which made work super easy for me). Lucky, casting gave me over a week to prepare. So, took it back to old New York Training times, where we rehearse everyday Mon-Thurs for an hour. She was very generous, patient, extremely professional and talented. One of my top fav readers, and one of the best on WeAudition. I am definitely working with her again and I highly-highly recommend you too! "
" Rehearsal Run-through, Run Through, Run Through, Great to Work with, Thank you!! "
" It's always a blast to rehearse with her!!! "
" Thanks!!! "
" Awesome Reader! Thanks Again! "
" Extraordinary Reader, book her guys!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you!! "
" Rose was beyond kind and helpful! Great reader with great notes and helpful advice! "

Credits Include