Rachel McVay

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Hey, I'm Rachel (she/her)!

*Los Angeles-based SAG-AFTRA actor
*MFA in Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England
*Freelance acting coach & accent coach (British, NY, Southern+)

*Have representation in the US & UK, mostly in LA , NYC, London, TX, & ATL (go out for/book: theatrical, commercial, theatre, & VO)
*Classically-trained by BOVTS, RADA, the RSC, so if you've got Shakespeare, Chekhov, or Greek, I'm your girl.
*Fabulous British accent

As a reader, I love playing off of actors, surprising or challenging them to get the best performance out of them.

IG: @therachelmcvay
Venmo: @Rachel-McVay

MFA in Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England
My pronouns are she/her/hers.


LA / NYC / London / TX / ATL

Represented by 5J Management, Acclaim Talent, & TDH Talent


197 Reader Reviews

" Rachel was a great reader! She has such a kind, generous presence and helped me talk through the scene to find different choices to play with. Thank you Rachel!! "
" Rachel was so great and wonderful to read with! Thank you! "
" Rachel was so much fun to work with, totally game to do a LOTR scene with me! "
" All the time! She rocks!! "
" Rachel is fantastic! Timing, pacing, tone, even welcomed feedback. So great!! Highly recommend!!! "
" Fun energy and helpful reader! would recommend! "
" Rachel is so grounded and supportive! "
" So sweet! Great reader! Highly recommend ! "
" Such wonderful energy! Really wonderful to work with!! "
" Wonderful "
" Rachel is always such a giving and friendly reader -- not to mention she's super talented!! Highly recommend her! "
" Great, friendly supportive reader! Really nailed my scene! "
" Rachel is a winner! So willing to help. Loved it. "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you so much! "
" Rachel is a fantastic reader. Helps you bring something more to your self tapes. Gave me a great tip of putting something on the floor to mark so you don’t move out of frame! Will be using her again in the future! "
" Great reader!! "
" Rachel was the most helpful, so kind, and so patient! Love her! "
" Great reader with great energy. Will book again! "
" Love reading with Rachel! "
" Rachel is fantastic! "
" I really enjoyed working with Rachel. She's very giving and it's so helpful to read across from her "
" Rachel was great. Really kind and supportive energy that put me at ease. I would definitely work with her again. "
" Supportive and insightful reader!!! "
" Rachel was a lovely reader and it's evident she truly cares to collaborate in the work! Will definitely work with her again! "
" The most amazing reader. Book her! "
" Rachel is a wonderful reader!! "
" Wow what a JOY!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Always a pleasure! She helped me breakdown a multicam scene and even taught me some new information. "
" She was very patient with me and extremely supportive "
" Rachel is incredible! She has the ability to jump right into a scene with you and I was able to start rolling from the first take. She has a great eye for the little things that can make an audition stronger and her pacing for this commercial audition was on point. I can't recommend Rachel enough! "
" Excellent READER. BOOK HER. "
" Rachel was a wonderful reader who had GREAT comedic timing and amazing encouragement! Thank you so much Rachel, looking forward to our next WeAudition encounter :) "
" Excellent, thoughtful reader! "
" Great to work with helpful and kind "
" Perfecto! "
" Will definitely use again. Great reader, great tips! "
" Love your energy and patience!!!! "
" Wow SUCH a great reader! So calm and kind and helpful! I definitely will be back. Thanks Rachel! "
" Rachel is the best!!!!!! I am always so appreciative of her ability to pick up story and really GIVE as the other character in scene work "
" Super positive and fun to work with! "
" Rachel was great to work with! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader "
" Such a great reader! Very positive and fast. "
" Kind and supportive! "
" Fantastic Reader!!!!!!! AMAZING FEEDBACK!!!!!! "
" Really enjoyed working with Rachel. She was professional and a quick learner. She wasn’t too pushy to mentor but when asked, gave some great suggestions. She’s really encouraging too! Positive vibes all around "
" Thank you so much for the amazing help !!!! great lil tips :} "
" Great reader! Very strong and flawless British accent too "
" Great reader. Very supportive with good feedback! "
" Definitely will be using Rachel as a reader again. Great actress and great reader...very easy to work with. "
" Fabulous! So easy to work with, and the perfect scene partner through a variety of genres, characters, and accents. "
" Rachel is such a ray of sunshine!!! Such a joy to work with as always "
" Rachel is so great! "
" Thanks for your great attitude, motivation and professionalism!:) "
" Great reader! Helpful with feedback "
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" Excellent and patient! "
" Rachel was very insightful and helpful. Terrific reader!! Can't wait to work with her again:) "
" Quick last minute help! thanks! "
" Thank you so much! You gave some awesome tips and you were great to read with! "
" Game to play with me and super patient as I worked things out. Thank you! "
" Rachel was so great. Relax, focused and supportive, gave the scene just what it needed. Can't wait to work with her again. Thanks, Rachel. "
" Great experience. Excellent reader. Thanks Rachel! "
" Booked Rachel again as she was so good to work with last time. Had some really insightful ideas of how to add more to my character and the scenes. Her reactions during the read game me so much to bounce off and enhanced it even further! "
" AMAZING!!!!! Rachel helped me with some fight choreography required for a self tape and she had some fantastic ideas and direction. She used a lot of the character breif to add to it and bring it alive. Also a great sense of humour to boot so a lovely class. 100% would book again! "
" Very helpful and easy to talk to. "
" So f*cking incredible, was patient with me and provided the most grounding support! "
" Gave a great orientation to the site! And is an incredibly present reader :) "
" Some technical issues, but, overall, another grand time working with Rachel. Thank you! "
" Rachel is everything you need in a reader. She is such a giving actress herself and will truly help guide you into the scene. "
" A+++++ reader with incredible insights. Highly recommend. "
" Amazing! Was able to pick up and match the tone really quickly which made it so much easier. Thank you! "
" Great to work with Rachel! "
" Rachel was wonderful! I felt present and comfortable from beginning to end :) "
" Great Reader. Rachel, thank you so much and it's a pleasure working you again! Brooke Timber "
" Are you questioning whether or not you want to work with Rachel? Well.... DON'T!!!! This person's the reader for you! "
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" Rachel is a phenomenal reader! Seriously one of the best I've worked with on WeAudition! "
" Great reader "
" She's such a GREAT actor and reader; gives you a great read every time!! "
" Smart, grounded and easily connects to material. She's the best! "
" Always so great! Thank you again A+ "
" Really great reader, made me feel super comfortable :) "
" Really nice and accommodating reader. Thanks so much! :) "
" Helped me get more levels in my scene! "
" Great Reader! "
" So patient! The best! "
" A true collaborator and incredible performer! I'm always so excited to work with Rachel. "
" Great Reader! Rachael thank you, pleasure working with you. Brooke "
" She's really great! "
" Always love working with Rachel!!! "
" Very sweet, great positive reader "
" Rachel is always so helpful!!! Love working with her always "
" Such a wonderful collaborator and reader "
" So wonderful and patient and gave great tips when I needed to adjust due to camera malfunctions "
" Rachel is always radiating with warmth and positivity- always great to work with!!! "
" Rachel rocks! Thank you for your help:) "
" Sooo goood and the vibes are so comfortable and easy. "
" LOVE working with Rachel!!!!!! Incredible actor and person. "
" The best! Enough said. "
" Rachel's a really great reader. Adaptable, great energy, and ideas! "
" Very helpful and fun to work with "
" SO lovely, great reader and great energy! "
" Such a kind soul and very adaptable to any scene. "
" Lovely! Made me feel centered and able to bring forth my viewpoint to the scene. "
" So great and gives great adjustments "
" Fantastic "
" Rachel, was the perfect choice for my read! Thanks xxx "
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" Always amazing to work with! She is so fun and open to talking out the sides and playing around with different ideas. "
" Thank you so much! "
" Not only is Rachel is SO supportive and kind she's a fantastic, present, and knowledgable reader! BOOK HER! "
" As always, Rachel was supportive, enthusiastic, and an overall excellent scene partner. "
" Good energy! "
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" Great reader. Gives you lots to work with and makes the scene come alive. "
" Always love working with Rachel! So helpful and easy to work with! "
" Rachel is so warm and helpful!! One of my favorite scene partners! "
" Rachel was so helpful and really brought my self tapes to life! "
" Let Rachel bless you with her reading skills!! "
" What an incredibly generous scene partner to work with. Rachel was a fantastic reader and offered so much for me to play with. Thanks so much! "
" So incredibly helpful! Rachel gave such great tips for a British accent and was a super talented actress to run lines with :) "
" SHE IS AMAZING!!!! Not only did she help me work through my audition but she did it with the biggest smile. You feel immediately comfortable with Rachel and I will definitely be using her again for an audition. "
" Rachel was great to work with. Supportive scene partner. We developed a quick rapport with our characters. "
" Incredible! Clearly a pro- really knows the LA market and can deliver a variety of great reads even on a quick co-star. Can't wait to work with again! "
" Excellent reader! Really brought the other person to life and helped me find a solid plan for the scene. Fun to work with! "
" Patient and so helpful with some notes after I asked for some feedback which made my audition stronger. "
" Awesome and really nice "
" Great suggestions! Really patient! "
" Great reader and awesome human being. Thanks! "
" Rachel is so nice and so talented! "
" Can't wait to get started! "
" Great Job. That was impressive. "
" Rachel is wonderful! She is so kind and caring and I really appreciate her feedback "
" Rachel was SO kind and generous and helpful. She wasn't just a reader, she was also a kind and compassionate coach "
" Rachel is so amazing. I always love taping with her. She gives great feedback and is always so patient. 11/10 recommend!!! "
" Rachel was so fun to bounce ideas off of. She was quick on the uptake with the circumstances of the scene and played the opposite character beautifully. Fantastic scene partner! "
" Rachel was great! Super friendly + awesome reader. "
" So lovely "
" She's fabulous!! "
" Rachel is awesome!! Got right to work, very positive, great adjustments. "
" Rachel is amazing and patient. Helped me get into my scene perfectly thanks so much:) "
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" So Sweet! Gives great guidance and really helped me feel grounded in my work. "
" Wonderful! Very giving! "
" Thanks for helping me out! Really appreciate your notes :) "
" Always great "
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" Great instincts! "
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" Very encouraging! "
" RACHEL, YOU QUEEN ! You're amazing and so positive and helpful and an overall star. "
" Wow, great scene partner! More than just a reader. Great advice that got me grounded even more in the scene. "
" Rachel is a great reader, I was able to find nuances and new details on the scene. "
" Rachel is so amazing! She brought a lot of energy to my tape "
" Such a good helper with character building and reading! Loved working with, Rachel! "
" Great reader "
" She was super helpful - helped discover the main points casting will be looking for. "
" Rachel is great! Really on pointe notes and lovely energy :) "
" Rachel is super lovely! "
" Great reader as always! "
" So fun! A great reader and will request again!! "
" Helpful getting out my head about saying the wrong word every take. "
" Rachel was great and gave me some feedback on a monologue that really helped me lean into the character a lot more. thanks! "
" She is so so so fantastic! super patient with me! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Wonderful. Fantastic notes. Kind. Constructive. A lot of fun to read with. A+++ "

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