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The worst thing is to have a FLAT reader. I have the finese of feeding you without overpowering- insuring you can do your best as well as sound your best for your important audition! I also will help with pacing depending on the genre of the scene. My goal is to build you up and support your craft as a fellow actor :)

Brooke Walter is a writer and actress from New York. Before pursuing an acting career, she was a competitive figure skater for 14 years and model for 9 years. After graduating with a BS in Marketing from St. Thomas Aquinas College, she shelved her degree and found her love for acting training under Anthony Abeson in New York City.

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Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
Sharon as Ashl
2018 [IMDB]
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
Glass Ceiling
2015 [IMDB]
Stella as Ashl
2015 [IMDB]
Late Show with David Letterman
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
My Crazy Love
TV Series