Radim Lang

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Just starting set everything up including clips.
Im new to industry in past few months I had few auditions for comercials .
Booked one.

Still working at it and also exploring the darker characters because these are best fit for me .


How to describe myself that was always the worst part.
I have always dreamed about to become an actor even moved to USA pursue my passion.
Unfortunately from all the wrong reasons . I was young and foolish .
Today my reasons to be an actor is not fame , nor to be rich , but portray the real people who struggle every day to make best of what they have .
Im not affraid to go to darkest places human psyche and show people worst what the world is doing to us in hope make world better place .
Kind of like chain effect . Even If I will inspire only 10 people to change their lives and think more of humanity than themselves. It will be success.

I might not have credits nor do I have showreel yet but as my teacher says you are like volcano ready to explode . Shall we say Michael Douglas in FALLING DOWN :))))

No agent looking forward to meet new people because as We know its all about relationships.
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