Tabitha Tao

upto 30 mins : $ 8.00
upto 60 mins : $ 16.00

Hello! Do you have an audition coming up? or maybe you need to practice a scene for class? I am here to help! I love reading with actors and want to help you book!

I've been acting since 2015 and I have trained at the Margie Haber studio, JRS, Warner Loughlin etc.

Here are my rates:
15 min - Free
30 min - $8.00
60 min - $16.00

I Speak English (General American) and also Mandarin!

Hi! Do you have an audition coming up? or maybe you need to practice a scene for class? I am here to help! I've been acting since 2015 and I am currently training at Margie Haber studio.

Besides general American, I can also speak Mandarin Chinese and can do a Chinese accent as well.


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" So sweet! There is a delay sometimes, but she stepped up to accommodate me, and her comedic timing was perfect! "
" Tabitha was super quick in understanding the material and helping me with the scene. Her calm energy was really helpful as well :) Thank you! "
" So sweet and calm. Really helped giving me great pointers. def recommend!!!! "

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