Socorro Jones

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Hey Filmaly!! Little trivia...My name means "Help" and I love to do it! Haaa!! Love being a Reader!

I have 8+ years experience in the film/stage/television and commercial industry and 20+ years experience in the dance/entertainment industries. Now loving to help actors along their journeys, connecting with like-minded folk and building on my experience as an actress, coach and the many other behind the camera roles we get to explore!

Various: Adler, Meisner, Larry Moss

Just want to create a safe space where you can freely tell the story and Book It! Yeah! Connecting will be the icing ;-)

Stay focused, stay creative.

Socorro is originally from Baltimore, MD and moved on to become a long time resident and performer in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, CA. With 20+ years of Entertainment Industry experience as a Film and Stage Actress, Coach, Dancer, Small Business Owner and now BC Survivor, Soco started out training in Maryland with dance instructors from Fosse and ABT and went on to have a wonderful Showgirl career on the Las Vegas Strip and on Tours. During her performance career Socorro began to transition more specifically to Film and Stage and was swept away with the acting journey. After years of training, diving into acting and being a Dramatic, Comedic and Commercial Actress, Socorro has developed so much range and revels in the permissions to explore herself and the value of how personal knowing connects with story telling, story exploration and delivery under pressure. The challenge of this creative space has allowed her to constantly grow and thrive in character development and actor mapping, and she is ever grateful. She brings with her a professional attitude, a reliable work ethic and an authentic desire to work with writers and project creators to physicalize their visions. Socorro has experience in front of and behind the camera as a CD, Producer and Location Scout and just enjoys meeting needs and helping. She resonates in a grateful, silly and mindful space and is looking forward to meeting you, reading with you and/or creating with you soon. Thank you for stopping by and stay creative!

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105 Reader Reviews

" Socorro was a lovely reader! "
" So helpful! Great ideas to make the performance better and great attitude and love for the work! Totally recommend her! "
" Incredible energy! Socorro is a great and super supportive reader! Thank you again! "
" Amazing and generous reader! "
" Absolutely amazing "
" Socorro was fantastic! Super fun energy and really positive and helpful. Will use again "
" Phenomenal! We played and worked it out. Thank you Socorro. "
" Awesome reader, highly recommend!!! "
" Super lovely, gave good pointed feedback. Exactly what I needed "
" Amazing!! Great notes "
" Good "
" So fun to read with and gave amazing notes!! such a sweet personality "
" She was a great reader "
" Socorro was so nice and professional. I would read with her again. "
" Socorro was by far one of the best readers that I've had the opportunity to work with. She is so patient, informative and energetic and she gave very useful feedback when needed. Can't wait to read with her again! "
" Loved the read. I had to get her 2 nights in a row. "
" Shhhheeeee is the best!!! She made this self tape flow so nicely doing multiple voices. I felt like I was truly in the scene. Thanks so much Socorro! "
" Excellent read for my script. Couldn't ask for a better read at 1:45am!! Thank you "
" Great direction. Wonderful creativity! "
" Completely Amazing!! Book Her!! "
" Wonderful reader. She even had great suggestions. Beautiful inside and out. "
" Amazing read! She gave me so much to work with :) "
" Thank you! Thank you! Appreciate the great feedback! "
" Socorro was SO helpful with my audition today. Caring and supportive, Thank you. <3 "
" Awesome awesome reader "
" Thank you for being so present and engaging. It was a pleasure. "
" Great reader! Thanks so much :) "
" Great Reader "
" We had fun and got great results! "
" Great reader and fantastic energy! "
" What a GEM!!! Great energy and warmth and a fantastic reader! "
" So sweet and easy to work with. Gave great feedback and helped me find deeper moments with the character. Will gladly work with her again! "
" Great reader! Super fun improv tape with Socorro! "
" So awesome working with Socorro! She jumped right in and was perfect! Could not ask for a better reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Socorro was amazing. Great energy reading and good understanding of the scene. Socorro even offered some AMAZING advice for my last take that really helped bring the scene together. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "
" She gives such strong support and clear thought of direction to bring the best out in the character. "
" Amazing! So kind and jumped right in "
" Socorro is an amazing artist full of patience and warmth who provides space for you to "work it out". Many thanks for a wonderful self tape experience. "
" A ball of energy! Made the work fun! Got me outta there way before my time was up. "
" Thank you Socorro! She was very helpful "
" So lovely to work with you, thank you! :) "
" Short and sweet "
" Amazing and a good improviser! "
" Great! "
" Great reader and a lot of fun to work with! thank you! :) "
" Socorro was great! Patient and kind! "
" Excellent and helpful reader. Thank you! "
" Socorro was such a great reader! Helped me out with a Shakespeare audition and was such a fun scene partner, amazing energy and so supportive! Highly Recommend!!!! :) "
" Socorro is great! She has a very calm presence, listens well and really wants to help you get you get the best take. Book her! "
" She is so incredible!!!!! Very patient and encouraging! "
" Socorro is amazing so good to work with, a great reader and with great notes!!! "
" First time on We Audition and it was such a great experience! Socorro was amazing! Gave great notes and suggestions. Such a vibrant person :) "
" Patient and helpful during my first time. 🙏 "
" So lovely meeting and working with u "
" Lovely lovely lovely! "
" Great read, easy to work with. "
" Super friendly and helpful!!! "
" Socorro had great energy and suggestions that contributed to a fun self-tape. "
" So nice <3 "
" She's the kindest, most helpful human! "
" Wonderful reader, radiating warmth, energy, kindness, and talent! Loved my session! She was my first reader and I adored her! Instant add to favorites!!^^ "
" Such an absolute pleasure to meet and work with you! Great GREAT energy! And gives great pointers without going overboard! Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful reader! Gave some really good notes for me to play with! "
" Socorro is great! She gives great feedback & truly pays attention to any directions you may have missed. "
" Always a pleasure working with Socorro! "
" Great reader!! "
" Soco is amazing. Not only she gave me precious notes, we also bonded on a spiritual level! Highly recommended! "
" Socorro is literally the sweetest person on earth. She is patient and will match whatever energy you ask for! "
" Socorro was so giving and patient. She hung in there with me lol. Thank you! "
" Awesome!! Amazing!! "
" Great reader. Very helpful feedback. Thanks Soco! "
" It's the energy for me!!!THANK U! "
" So delightful and very helpful! "
" Socorro was wonderful. Made the how scene easy. Thanks for your help. "
" Thank you, Socorro! Patient and kind and a strong reader! "
" She helped me so much!! Her coaching was amazing!! "
" Amazing!!!! "
" Great reader and coaching! Wonderful energy. "
" Great and patient! "
" SO GOOD! So kind and patient and a great reader. Had a scene with a group of friends and was so easy to laugh with her!! "
" THANK YOU SOCO!! Soco is a great reader and listener, and can offer very pertinent and useful tips if you need. You're in great hands with her!! "
" Socorro is an amazing reader! loved working with her. Hope to work with her again. "
" Great reader. Fun and good instincts. "
" Amazing energy! Great reader! "
" Great reader and very patient! "
" A true blessings of a reader and actor! "
" I had so much fun!! Such a supportive reader. She gave me soo many great ideas to work with. Thank you, Socorro! "
" Socorro is a total professional and great reader. "
" Wow! Soco is the most generous and engaged reader, and she also gave me a beautiful nugget of insight that transformed my read.... THANK YOU "
" Thanks for your patience! "
" I mean Socorro is sooooo amazing, thanks so much for you patience and help tonight "
" Great Reader, Did everything I asked of her and we got a solid take! "
" Wonderful reader, great energy and feedback! "
" Tremendous energy and light! Great reader, thoughtful, patient, and upbeat! "
" So giving so full of energy! Would pick her again "
" Socorro went above and beyond to be an amazing reader. I am so grateful and delighted by the chance to work with her! "
" Thank you for being a great reader! "
" Amazing reader! Great energy and so patient! "
" Fantastic reader and will go to bat for your callback! "

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