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upto 15 mins : $ 8.00
upto 30 mins : $ 12.00
upto 60 mins : $ 30.00

Hello from New Zealand. I am thoroughly enjoying working together on this forum!
As your reader, I will be mindful of your time so you get the best value for the time slot you request. I have lots of patience and want to make you feel relaxed so you can enjoy the process. It is all about you and you doing your best!
If you are looking for feedback and notes, I can help you create a compelling character in the imaginary circumstances. We can play with the scene and make some different and interesting choices. Discover character objectives, obstacles, conflicts and tactics.
I have studied the craft at the American Conservatory Theatre (Shakespeare), Stella Adler NYC, Meisner Technique NYC, The People's Improv Theatre (The PIT) NYC.
Currently I am being coached by the best in the business,
Glenn Morshower and Vincent Curatola.
ACCENTS: Standard American, Southern American, British, Australian and New Zealand.
Check out my new film role:-

As I am in New Zealand, I need to use my daughters Venmo account:

I would love to work with you and help you to "kick ass" in your audition. Although I don't like to call them auditions. You are going to have a meeting, in which you are going to present what you do. You are not looking for approval or a job and therefore you have no reason to be nervous. I will help you create a compelling character in the imaginary circumstances. Or I will just be a reader, if that is all you need.
I have studied the craft at the American Conservatory Theatre (Shakespeare), Stella Adler NYC and Meisner Technique.
Currently I am being coached by the best in the business,
Glenn Morshower and Vincent Curatola.
I am in New Zealand so I am available for NZ, Australia and USA PST time zones.

Talent Banque +64 9 623 4228 phone Talent Express (718) 278-8888 phone

81 Reader Reviews

" Excellent reader and feedback! Really helped take my scene to next level :) "
" So wonderful and helpful!! Will use again! "
" Sandra is amazing! She was very patient in a very important audition for me. It was such a great pleasure working with her! I highly recommend her! "
" Such a wonderful, kind, giving reader! Really challenged me on this scene. One of the best on this site! Thanks Sandra :) "
" Sandra was a pleasure. She was nice, supportive, good with timing, and had some great suggestions! I look forward to working with Sandra again. :) "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Amazing! Such a Gem, wonderful reader, great notes! I'm so happy with my takes! Thank you Sandra :) "
" Really helpful and encouraging! "
" Sandra is very nice to work with and gives fantastic advice. I learned a lot from her and I recommend her to everyone! "
" Sandra is great, lovely to work with, recommend!! "
" One of the best readers I've ever had. so much good advice that I didn't think of on my own for how to make the tape stand out! "
" Great reader, very present - fantastic notes "
" Always great working with Sandra :) "
" Great Connecting with you Sandra. Thanks for the great and grounded notes "
" Incredibly helpful. She brought different point of views to my scene, was extremely patient, and really helped me transform my character completely by the end of our session. Thanks again! "
" Great reader! "
" Always great working with Sandra, fun and productive. Book her : ) "
" Thank you so much for being such a great reader, Sandra! Thanks for your encouragement and helpful notes! "
" Sandra was very patient and has great insight. Her feedback is very constructive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Thank you. "
" Great reader, so helpful and kind! "
" Sandra is all sorts of awesome, book her. "
" So wonderful!! Great notes and a lovely reader. Thanks Sandra :) "
" Practicing Irish accents together. Very fun! "
" Sandra is wonderful. As an actress, as a scene partner and as a person. "
" Such a lovely reader - really cares about you getting the best take that you can. Great feedback too! Highly recommend :) "
" Really great and one of the most helpful people on this site! "
" Sandra is WONDERFUL! Such a lovely energy and presence, and had GREAT ideas to really help me with my scene. Highly recommend - thank you, Sandra! "
" Very great to work with and helpful in every way! "
" Great working with Sandra "
" Love her! "
" Sandra was fantastic! This was my first time to use WeAudition. She was very patient with me and gave me useful feedbacks. Thank you very much, Sandra! Arigato :) "
" Such a pleasure to work with you! "
" So amazing!! "
" Very nice, helpful, kind, professional reader. Saved my day, "
" Sandra was great! Patient, gave great advice and very professional in her suggestions. Thank you! "
" Sandra is incredible, so lovely and helpful!! Knows her way around a script!! Thank you :) "
" A+++ "
" Love my sessions with Sandra! "
" Second time reading with Sandra. Couldn't be happier with a reading partner! "
" A fantastic reader. Patient, generous, and gentle to work with. Makes you feel very comfortable and confident. Gives you space to work, and help when you want it! Will def work with her again! "
" Lovely reader!! "
" Lovely reader!! "
" Thanks for help working discovery on my scene, Sandra! "
" So great "
" A kind reader with lots of soul. Thank you, Sandra! "
" What a gift Sandra is!! She gave me such great insight into the scene that really helped pin point specific moments to make them effective. Very kind and open and willing to help. Thanks Sandra :) "
" Wonderful "
" I couldn't have asked for a more talented reader and scene partner. I'm enriched!!! "
" Thank you soo much for your help Sandra!!! "
" Sandra was a spectacular reader! She was patient and had many insightful tips that helped my work take off from the page turning it into a living breathing human being! "
" She was extremely attentive and gave direction but also listened to my responses and in my intuition on the scene. I recommend her highly! "
" Lovely lady, good notes. Threw herself right in and very invested. "
" Sandra is just lovely: insightful, generous and her energy is A1. Thank you! "
" Great reader with amazing passion and insight! "
" Excellent reader! She's pleasant, professional, and accurate with her readings. Truly a joy to work with. "
" Shes great!!!! :) "
" Super-helpful direction, great session real pleasure to work with you Sandra "
" She was great and she gave great advice! Thanks so much! "
" Efficient reader. Very good and very helpful. "
" Sandra's so lovely to work with! Great notes and fun to read with! "
" Sandra has great and helpful ideas that made the scene much better! "
" Sandra was great! Good feedback and suggestions. Worked until we got some good options. "
" Amazing reader with great intuition and suggestions. Her input and reading elevates a scene! "
" Her willingness to give an advice is outstanding. "
" Super wonderful! "
" Great! "
" Wonderful! "
" Amazing reader with fantastic notes! Thank you!! "
" Thank you "
" Thanks for reading with me!! Definitely going to try the trick you mentioned :) "
" Lovely, will definitely see her again ! "
" Sandra was so helpful, gave great suggestions and was so patient. would HIGHLY recoomend! "
" Great session for Shakespearean monologues; gave fab tangible notes and advice and encouragement. Will book again. "
" Absolute pleasure to work with, and for you night owls, HOOT HOOT! She's in New Zealand so she's up and she's down to work with you! Definitely will work with her again! "
" Excellent reader. great coaching as well. Would highly recommend for coaching. "
" Super patient and helpful reader -- eager to help and help you do your best work! "
" Sandra is a really knowledgable actor and really helped bust my audition wide open. Super fun!! Thank you! "
" Sandra was a huge help! Above and beyond "
" Just the best! Sandra gave me excellent notes and was incredibly patient and supportive. Thank you Sandra ❤️ "
" Wonderful reader! She gave me awesome notes and didn't rush me. Truly a great talent to work with! "

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