Saloni Nahar

upto 15 mins : $ 4.00
upto 30 mins : $ 8.00
upto 60 mins : $ 15.00

Hello! My name is Saloni, pronounced (suh-low-knee)

I would love to help you run lines, and get the best self tape possible!
Let me know how I can best help you and let's get you booked!!

I am a Chicago based actress and represented by DreamTeam, SCE Agency, & Heyman Talent

If you'd like to schedule a rehearsal or self-tape session ahead of time you can email me or send me a DM!

IG: @suhhloni

I'd prefer you pay through Venmo, it's @Saloni-Nahar :)

Hello! My name is Saloni, pronounced (suh-low-knee)

I am a Chicago based actress and I've been acting in the Chicago area for the past 2 years.


75 Reader Reviews

" Great reader and great energy! Thank you! "
" Thank you for being so patient with me! "
" Calming energy, wonderful reader. Thank you Saloni! "
" Great reader! "
" Great working with Saloni! She was super patient and was able to jump in with what I needed for the scene. Thanks Saloni!! "
" Great reader "
" Willing to dive in and play! "
" Good reader "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Completely SUPERB ONE HOUR reading, coaching and working together. Saloni has a Casting Background so this was really helpful. She was TERRIFIC. Thank you Saloni !!!! "
" Great! awesome reader! "
" Great reader with insane cold reading skills! Is able to match tone/pace instantly. 10/10 "
" Bomb bomb bomb 10s across the board "
" Phenomenal :-) "
" Stellar!!!! Thanks Saloni! "
" Saloni is patient, cooperative, and has great energy. Had a fun read with her. "
" Saloni was wonderful to play with . She jumped in right away and gave me just what I needed. Thank you. "
" Very helpful, patient reader! "
" Laid back and easy to work with, thanks a ton Saloni!! "
" Saloni was a great reader!! She was very supportive and even helped me figure out some audio issues! "
" Great reader! Very helpful "
" Great cold reader. Very flexible. "
" Saloni is an A+++. Book her! "
" Saloni is a super pro with amazing cold reading skills and a thoughtful eye and ear. Book her! "
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" Thank you for being a great reader! "
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" Saloni is a great reader!! "
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" So nice and patient! Thanks Saloni! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Nice reader "
" Awesome! Jumped right in and was so on it!! "
" Saloni was a fantastic reader! So sweet and fun. I was in a rush and she was totally cool about it. "
" Lovely :) "
" Awesome reader "
" Thanks Saloni! "
" Great work and so personable! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Lovely, solid reader. "
" Great! Easy to work with, thank you! "
" Excellent!! Very patient and kind!! Will definitely use again! "
" Great reader! Really fun and authentic. "
" Thank you for your help!! :) "
" Fun reader willing to adjust and have fun! "
" Thank you saloni "
" SO so great!! Excellent reader "
" So kind and calming! Helped me get a great take super quick! "
" Incredible Reader "
" Saloni was so great! She jumped right into the scene with the perfect energy and helped me get some great takes. Thanks Saloni! "
" Excellent, thank you! "
" Solid reader, great help "
" Thanks for your wonderful help! "
" Saloni was excellent. Had good suggestions and helped me with the lines. Terrific. "
" SO GREAT! Wonderful to read with! Great attention to detail! Thank you so much for your help! "
" Saloni was great. Helped me run lines and was very quick to understand the scene "
" AWESOME!! Dove right in to the character and made my Selftape quick and solid! Great reader! "
" Saloni was so nice and helpful! Helped me in the middle of the night! "
" Awesome feedback and a great reader! Thanks Saloni!!! "
" Thank you for rehearsing with me! "
" Saloni is an awesome reader! And super helpful with getting things word perfect if you're trying to memorize! "
" Really sweet! Jumped right into my scene! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! "
" Extremely patient and encouraging. Super helpful. "
" Great cold reader! Jumped right in! "
" Exactly what I needed. Incredible reader. Helped me run lines and make sure I was word-perfect for my audition tomorrow! Highly recommend! "
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" Saloni was really fun to work with! Super pleasant and helpful ! "
" Saloni is awesome! You'll love working with her "
" Saloni was great to work with! Great reader and actor who has the ability to jump right into the scene :) "

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