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Philip has been a voice over artist and actor for over 20 years.
OVER 200 reviews and counting!!! Including 1 bad review!!!

Check out his work on Law & Order SVU, film and webseries
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He has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, NBC as well as a king of the downtown theatre scene as a founder of both


Philip has been a voice over artist and actor for over 20 years.

Check out his work on Law & Order SVU, film and webseries

He has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, NBC as well as a king of the downtown theatre scene as a founder of both



211 Reader Reviews

" Excellent reader - I love working with Philip! "
" Good notes. "
" Thank you bro! "
" Thanks Philip!!! "
" Philip is a terrific reader. "
" Great working with Philip! Awesome reader and a great guy. "
" Philip is phenomenal and kind and patient, thank you!! "
" Philip is a great reader!!! I highly recommend working with him :) "
" Thank you Philip! Excellent advice. "
" Good reader "
" Philip! You're cool. Thanks for telling me all the things I needed to hear without even asking :) "
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" Gave good direction! A pleasure to work with. "
" Best thing about reading with Philip, to me - is that his energy is like that of a good friend. Totally recommend! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Thanks for your help :) "
" He seemed annoyed. Have had more courteous readers. "
" Great notes "
" Great guy to work with! Knows this work "
" Always glad to you available to read! Thanks for having my back today. "
" Takes direction well. Nice dynamic read. "
" The coolest guy! Great reader. Top notch suggestions. Thank you Philip! "
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" GREAT! Super patient and helpful! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Philip was awesome! Funny, patient and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him. "
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" Great reader! "
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" Patient reader! "
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" Feedback was great! "
" Perfect! "
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" Philip is AWESOME! Great reader, understood the tone and pacing of the scene.....AND he knocked it out of the park for me. Thank you! "
" Phillip was awesome! He gave me some great tips and was an excellent leader. Will absolutely work with him again "
" Very cool dude. Was fun to read with and was helpful with my questions. "
" Great actor! tnx friend! "
" Such a breeze to work with! Thank you for the tips and notes! "
" Sweet guy great reader! "
" Philip was so helpful and patient! "
" Easy, great read. "
" Professional and takes direction well. "
" Philip was incredibly patient with me (this was only my second time using We Audition) and helped me with the process. He offered great advice, and was a perfect reader! Thanks! "
" Was a great help on my first time trying this out! Gave me pointers on how to use the platform and helped me work through some technical difficulties. "
" Great reader fantastic at cold reads. "
" Great reader. Thank you ! "
" Philip is great, thanks very much! "
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" Awesome reader! "
" The perfect reader. Philip brings so much character to his read! It really brings out the best in me "
" Always a pleasure "
" Another session for the win! "
" Philip is the best reader I've worked with! He gives really great and honest suggestions. He gives a lot as an actor that makes it a breeze for you. Really positive and light energy too, so it doesn't feel like nerve wrecking to audition but rather a fun experience. "
" Philip was awesome! He was great at reading his sides, very enjoyable experience. "
" Philip was fantastic. I needed some advice and feedback on an important audition I have coming up and he brought a lot of clarity. Very meaningful. He’s easy-going and easy to talk to and obviously has the chops! "
" Great reader! Patient, warm, helpful human "
" Great! Easy to work with! "
" Many thanks again Philip! "
" Philip was awesome, he helped me get a great self tape audition take! He is very chill and always willing to help you. Would definitely recommend him as a reader! "
" Really helpful! "
" Fantastic reader definitely recommend! "
" Lovely reader, although it was short and sweet - really helped me out! "
" Philip is great and answered my questions about the sides :) Many thanks! "
" Great with auditions and able to jump in to the material without hesitation! "
" Great reader! "
" Great! He understood the material immediately and made helpful suggestions. He's a pro! Would work with him again!! :) "
" Great reader, really makes the process both easy and fun. "
" Great reader - so fun! "
" Great reader! Super relaxed and with great ideas that come from years of industry experience! Thank you Philip! "
" He also brought great sports info to help "translate" my script :-D "
" Awesome reader!!! "
" Excellent reader! Caught the vibe of the scene right away. Very helpful! "
" Fun times! "
" Good coach! Loved the guy! "
" FANTASTIC READER!!!! He really made my audition shine. So grateful. "
" Philip was awesome! Loved working on the scene with him! "
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" Did well with my medical industrial read. "
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" Super awesome and chill reader! Philip had great suggestions for ad-libs for my commercial audition. Would definitely read with him again! - Thank you Philip! "
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" Great!! "
" Love Philip! Thank you for the cool rec :-) "
" Philip is always great! "
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" Great, fun, laid-back reader. Would work with him again. "
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" Great connection. Easy to work with. "
" Philip is super cool, very funny and chill!! thank you!! "
" Bomb. He is really good at understanding the bones of the scene. He's a good option especially if you need a blue collar New Yorker type, although I suspect his range is much bigger than that. Smart and insightful all around and plenty patient. "
" Philip was willing, my internet wasn't... "
" Great! "
" Really cool guy and a patient scene partner! "
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" Great personality. Superb voice!!! So much fun to work with! "
" Great "
" Fantastic first experience on Weaudition with Philip. I was so so nervous to read with someone on here for the first time but he calmed my nerves and I was happy with my final take. Will be reading with Philip again for sure! "
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" Philip was super helpful, great reader!! "
" Warm, funny guy with a fantastic beard! "
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" One word: Hilarious! "
" Great reader "
" Extremely helpful! "
" Thanks! "
" Great reader! "
" Helpful! "
" Philip was excellent! Very down-to-Earth & fun to read with! I look forward to working with him again in the future! "
" Great catching up with you Phil! Thanks for helping me "
" Philip was great! Helped me run my lines. Feeling more confident now. Thank you! "
" Love working with Philiip. I can tell he's an actor's actor. He's also great with cold reads! "
" Good with voices! "
" Thank You! "
" Great! "
" Philip was awesome! Patient with some technical issues and helped me try out several different choices :) "
" Great! "
" Dude is bomb! Try him for sure "
" Great reader!! Thank you! "
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" Helped read through lines. "
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" Very professional and straight to the point. We scheduled for 30 mins, but got it done in the first 10! "
" Philip is great! He brings such a fun energy to the work "
" Very helpful and a great reader! "
" Thank you for your patience sir! nice meeting you "
" Great reader with a lot of patience. Helped me a lot. "
" Fun to read with. Thanks! "
" An All-Star Reader! Committed, Passionate and a Genuine care to help you get your best audition! Highly recommended! :) "
" Philip was extremely helpful Not only was he patient but he did a really good job with the specifications for this read "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Very nice and helpful! Thank you "
" Jumped right into the action and had fun in the process! "
" Wonderful, patient - very easy to work with! "
" Very generous with his time. Cheers, thanks Philip! "
" Philip was the perfect New Yorker to play with for a piece based in NY. I had a blast and look forward to working with him again at any time. "
" Great reader! "
" Just what I needed! Helpful , friendly, open reader. "
" Nice reader "
" Philip was a really funny awesome reader!! thank you!! "
" Not only did Philip offer some great suggestions for takes, he actually performed as if this was HIS audition, bringing me into the moment of the scene. Excellent scene partner. "
" Gets right to it ! great energy "
" Amazing. patient. took direction (to make it work for me)so well. "
" Was ready and willing to help me again on short notice! "
" Very helpful and patient. He had good ideas about how to approach the scene. "

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