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Hi Actors! My name is Isoken aka Soso. I have been in the entertainment industry since 2013. I enjoy reading for my actor friends. They love the energy I bring as a reader. It's only fair I spread my positive energy. I am here to help actors bring out their best in every performance!

I am fully able to jump right in as your reader. I understand tone and beats in scripts. I am patient as we all know how stressful self tapes can be. I am open to giving advice (if you like). I work in a quiet setting with no interruptions.

A little bit about me, I was born in D.C. and raised in Maryland. I am of Nigerian and Jamaican Decent. I love to travel. Acting found me. This was not apart of my life plan. I started in the industry by modeling. I moved to Atlanta and discovered the film industry. My first day on a production set was amazing. I was so intrigued by all the behind the scenes that go into TV/Film. I booked a commercial gig with Bounce TV and I knew from that day forward this is what I wanted to do. Here I am spreading my talent with the world,

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If I am not online, feel free to use the Calendly link below to schedule a reading.

Isoken Obaseki is known for her work on Have You Seen This Person, 45 Days (2018) and Aaron & Kadeem (2020).

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170 Reader Reviews

" Isoken is wonderful! She's very patient and happy to tailor the read to whatever you need. Her energy and talent are infectious! "
" Patient, and great feedback!! "
" Amazing reader, super nice and so helpful!! "
" Amazing reader! Gave me what I wanted! Reread and shifted! So Great! "
" A gem, she was so amazing, so wonderful! "
" Really patient reader! "
" She has such positive energy! "
" Always love reading with Isoken! "
" Patient. Fun reader. "
" Very good reader. She gave me alot to work with on a long difficult scene. Thanks! "
" She was super friendly! "
" So great. What a lovely, encouraging person. Great with feedback for what I wanted "
" We taped it, hopefully we book it :) Thank you! "
" I was looking for a very pureticular reader and Isoken was literally purefect! Looking forward to doing takes together :) Thank you! "
" Booked it, Soso! Thanks for everything! See you soon. "
" Bless you!! 🥲 you gave me so much energy and jumped into the character, understood the tone of the scene, and played it on point! You’re so appreciated 👏🏾😩 "
" Beautiful, helpful and supportive. I have more than I need to send in. "
" Read with Isoken was great. Really Good energy. "
" Super sweet! Awesome reader! "
" Very patient with my internet issues and excellent reader "
" Lovely reader "
" Isoken is amazing! So thoughtful with great energy! Was there for me every step of the way. "
" She was the bomb! "
" She's the BEST! "
" Amazing! Jumped right in and had such great energy :) "
" She is a great reader "
" Amazing! "
" Thanks so much!! "
" Great feedback and easy to read with! "
" So sweet. Really was there to work with me and let me take my time as needed "
" Absolutely amazing. I needed someone with great energy to help me come out of my shell for 2 comedic roles and Isoken jumped right in and made me feel so comfortable. So glad to have found a great reader I can continue to use again and again! Thank you, Isoken! "
" Isoken was great! Easy to work with, supportive, fun. "
" Super sweet, great reader! "
" Isoken is fabulous. I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with her. I hope to work with her again. "
" Lovely lady, great reader. Thank you "
" Awesome!! good reader and i had to use her two times in the same day because i messed up on my end!! Thanks Isoken!! "
" Excellent reader! "
" It was great working with Isoken!! She is a great reader and gave great input that helped me with a specific set of dialogue. Very personable and easy to work with. Will definitely be using her services again in the future. "
" Isoken was so warm and kind and helled me nail the audition tape. :) "
" Isoken had a very inviting energy & SHE WAS A GREAT READER. She dived right into the scene & fit the tone immediately. Loved working with her & will work again "
" Always amazing!!! Thanks my friend "
" Great energy. and really took her time helping me with the audition. Great reader! "
" Nice, enthusiastic reader with great energy! "
" Phenomenal reader! One of the best on WeAudition. MVP! "
" Amazing Actress! Really helped me make some great choices!! "
" So kind, helpful, and awesome to work with! "
" Awesome reader! Enthusiastic and warm. "
" The best "
" She is lovely "
" Great Reader "
" Love love "
" Awesome. Great .& Fantastic!!! "
" Yo Isoken really brings out the light in her people! "
" Good to work with! "
" Isoken was fab! Thank you! "
" Went smoothly and Isoken was a great reader. "
" Lovely "
" She was great!!! "
" Super helpful! Thank you, Isoken! Can't wait to work with you again. "
" Absolutely awesome! She was perfect! "
" Isoken is such a joy to work and play with. Thank you!! "
" Great reader!! "
" Omg soooo funnnnnnn!!!! thank you <3 "
" Love, love Isoken's energy! Positive and fun and knew the material instantly. Great comedic timing so I'll be sure to book her again for comedy sitcom types that have tighter rhythms. Thank you Isoken! "
" Isoken is such a great reader! Isoken is very kind, patient, and really immerses herself in the scene with you. "
" Thank you so much for your patience. "
" Such a great time!!!! Amazing reader :) "
" Awesome reader. She went above and beyond to help me with my tape. Thanks Isoken! "
" Isoken has great energy and is super fun to read with! Thank you! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Wonderful reader with a glowing personality! Thank you!!! "
" Awesome! "
" Great job reading! Audio wasn't good, though. "
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" SO GOOD! "
" Amazing!!!!! "
" Awesome reader very kind and patient! "
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" Isoken saved my tape!!!! 10 out of 10 recommend to a friend :D "
" Isoken's such a FANTASTIC reader. I came with a boatload of ideas for my audition and she was super down to play and try them all out. Thank you so much!!! "
" Incredible energy! Did the tape in half the time!! "
" Thank you so much!! You have been so helpful!! See you next time "
" Great read through thank you so much for all the help! "
" Such a lovely reader! Really made me feel at ease with taping and allowed me the time to get what I wanted from the tape. "
" ISOKEN was great! Excellent reader and so pleasant! "
" Fantastic energy! Great reader! "
" Really took the time to read the scene with me and was extremely patient. "
" Isoken. The best. Such a brilliant reader (perfect for my scene) and gave really valuable insight & suggestions. Thank you so much!!!!! "
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" Kind. Patient. Loved her input. Very constructive feedback and very creative. "
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" Great energy & fun to read with. "
" Such great energy and a wonderful reader! "
" Isoken is amazing, so nice,helpful and talented.... "
" Isoken was a joy to collaborate with! She's very grounded. I will definitely use her again! "
" Super suppirtive and professional. very easy to read with "
" Isoken was an awesome reader!! She gave wonderful direction and feedback! Thank you, Isoken. "
" Great smile and energy. Instantly got into character with me. "
" She's AWESOME!!! "
" Wonderful, generous energy. Very supportive and positive!! Thank you, Isoken! "
" Isoken was so terrific to work with and she's an excellent reader! "
" Isoken was lovely! Thank's for helping me out :) "
" She was super helpful would totally recommend and gave great notes! super nice and friendly ! "
" She was great, she helped me get familiar with the words and was incredibly easy to work with!! "
" UGHHH so so sooo amazing working with her! I’m taking a class and needed some extra practice. She really helped me figure out this script and offered insight I didn’t even think of. Thank You!!! "
" Very good, energetic reader. Thank you! "
" A light to rehearse with "
" Sooooo patient, read extremely well....would definitely book again x "
" Awesome!! "
" Isoken was awesome! So patient and understood the scenes immediately. She also has such a great spirit! "
" Such a joy to work with!!! "
" A kind and observant reader. Thank you, Isoken. "
" Wonderful reader will definitely read with her more. she is very nice, great reader and patient. Thank you Isoken "
" Isoken was great with this cold read. So easy to work with! "
" Super fun and helpful reader! :) "
" Thanks again! "
" Gotta love a reader who can jump right in and understand the script! "
" Thanks again!!! "
" Great actor and reader!!! super helpful and patient! "
" Very natural and good pace! "
" What a gem! Isoken was not only a perfect reader, her energy was great and she was very encouraging and patient as well. Thanks so much!! "
" Second time I've worked with her - Awesome as always! "
" Thanks again Isoken! I LOVE working with her!! "
" Isoken was so patient and kind! Great Reader!! "
" Amazing Reader, Loved her energy! "
" She was amazing. SO directable and friendly!! "
" Isoken was wonderful, patient and very helpful. She is a great actor and really helped pull me into the part I was reading for, If you can work with her do you self a favor and make it happen. "
" Great energy, support, and feedback. Fun session getting work done. "
" Amazing! So sweet! "
" Isoken is amazing! Wonderful energy, great reader, and a really lovely person. I highly recommend working with Isoken :) "
" So nice to work with! Great energy, listened and adjusted by picking up the pace. Fully committed to the scene! "
" Isoken is Amazing!! Book her!!! "
" Friendly, helpful, excellent reader "
" Isoken was an amazing reader! Such a great a partner! Book her and tip her well :) "
" Great energy and a great reader. Easy to work with. I def recommend "
" Provided excellent redirect for commercial line, friendly and patient TY "
" The BEST! Loved working with her. "
" Isoken is wonderful!! "
" Thanks for your positive attitude, great energy, and attentiveness! "
" Thanks for the read. Soso, is always on here ready to play! #Gratitude "
" Isoken is a great ready! Super friendly and easy to work with. "
" So lovely and fun to read with! Thank you!!! "
" Lovely to rehearse with, fantastic scene partner once again!!! :) "
" AMAZING!! Great energy, excellent reader "
" So sweet and nice! Loved working with Isoken! "
" Excellent reader! Great fun to play in a scene with. "
" GREAT energy! Amazing reader! Loved this session. She makes it easy. "
" Fantastic reader, lovely energy! "
" Wonderfully supportive and positive energy, super patient and generous! It was really fun and easy to work with Isoken! - Thank you! "
" I loved her energy! Great reader!! "
" It was a pleasure meeting and working with you! "
" Amazing reader! Thanks so much! "
" Isoken, was a great rehearsal reader. Excellent cold reading skills and leaned right into the scene and made the work fun. "
" She is such an amazing reader!!! Very attentive and patient!!! "
" Hello radiant smile and energy! "
" My first time using WeAudition and Isoken made it a breeze! Great reader, super friendly and helpful feedback! Thank you! "
" I'm so grateful for when I work with actors like Isoken; the willingness to stick with you(me) to get to something truthful and honest. Thank you Isoken! "
" Great reader ! beyond helpfulll!!! very on point ! "
" Great working with you today. "
" Thanks for your patience and notes! "
" Patient, kind, and a wonderful reader! Thank you!! "
" My first time reading with Isoken. What a great scene partner. She was so good I told her she should be on the show I was auditioning for! "
" Isoken was such a lovely reader, so supportive, wonderful to read with! "

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2020 [IMDB]
Aaron & Kadeem
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2020 [IMDB]
Fatal Attraction
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2019 [IMDB]
28 Weeks
2019 [added]
Tea Time
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Due Day
2018 [IMDB]
The Little Black Book
2018 [IMDB]
45 Days
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